Big Truck Party Party Supplies & Birthday Decorations

Ride the rise of the crowd as you take down the competition with these Big Truck Party Supplies! Let your little birthday heroes imagine these monster trucks slinging mud in every direction with their flame-painted sides screaming for more action. They’ll be thrilled as they roar into battle for first place at your next birthday party or other fun event!
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  • Racing Flag Banners - 15ft (Each)

    Racing Flag Banners - 15ft (Each)

    Regular Price: Suggested: $5.29

    Special Price Our Price: $4.49

  • Monster Truck Shaped Plates - 10in (8 Pack)

    Monster Truck Shaped Dinner Plates - 10in (8 Pack)

    Regular Price: Suggested: $3.09

    Special Price Our Price: $1.39

  • Racing Flags - 12in x 18in (12 Pack)

    Racing Flags - 12in x 18in (12 Pack)

    Regular Price: Suggested: $9.95

    Special Price Our Price: $8.99

  • Racing Party Flag Banners - 12ft (Each)

    Racing Party Flag Banners - 12ft (Each)

    Regular Price: Suggested: $4.85

    Special Price Our Price: $4.57

Solid tableware

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Monster Truck Party Supplies, Monster Truck Birthday Party

Monster Truck party supplies are an exciting way to take an ordinary party and turn it up a few notches to a car-crushing level. Decorate your party tables with our thrilling party plates, cups, napkins and other tableware. Then add highlight your truck theme even more with our monster truck decorations, favors, cake kits and other items. Your birthday party or other special occasion will look awesome with the help of our Monster Truck party supplies!

The History of the Monster Truck

Where and when did the monster truck come about? Who first came up with the idea that a big truck should be able (and encouraged) to crush cars? Why wasn’t this thought of sooner?

It all began in the 1970’s when truck enthusiasts began to modify their pickup trucks. Mud bogging and truck pulling gained in popularity both for the drivers and for those watching. Lifted trucks were created and soon drivers were competing for the biggest trucks. Several trucks became known for their size including Bob Chandler’s “Bigfoot”, Jeff Dane’s “King Kong” and others.

In 1981,Bob Chandler decided to test out his truck’s abilities by driving it over a couple of cars in a field. He filmed this to use it as part of his marketing and promotions for his performance shop. Eventually, a promoter saw the video, was impressed, and asked Chandler to crush cars in front of a crowd. Chandler was initially hesitant, afraid of encouraging violence, but later relented. It was performed at a few smaller shows before appearing in front of a large crowd at the Pontiac Silverdome in 1982. Chandler used 66” tires for this event and it was a huge success.

Who Coined the Term “Monster Truck”

Bob George, the owner of a promotions company in motorsports named Truck-a-rama, is given credit for the term “monster truck”. Initially used to describe Bob Chandler’s Bigfoot, it eventually came to be the generic term for the oversized trucks.

So, now you know about the history of the monster truck. Be sure to share your knowledge at your birthday or other celebration decked out in our thrilling Truck party supplies.

Monster Truck Party Ideas To Go Along With The Truck Party Supplies

If you have a kid who loves big trucks and monster trucks, plan a big truck party! Kids love big trucks, and monster trucks, they are big and loud and all kinds of fun! Here are some great big truck party ideas and monster truck party supplies to help plan an awesome big truck party!


Cardboard Box Monster Trucks: Start gathering good-sized cardboard boxes a few weeks before your party. Gather brightly colored tempera paints, paint brushes, and find some old shirts, to use as painters’ smocks. Let the kids create their own monster trucks and name them. If you can find some oversized stickers or decals (like flames, stars, or animals) for the kids to decorate the trucks they will be extra thrilled!

Put Out The Fire: Set up “fires” in your backyard, or on your patio. Create flames by crumpling up sheets of red, orange, and yellow, tissue paper. Put the “flames” on top of a box. Give each guest a squirt gun filled with water. Have the kids aim and fire at the fires to knock the flames off the box, and put the fire out! Warning! If it is a warm day out, this game will almost certainly evolve into a squirt gun fight!

Truck Driver Training: Create a training course in the backyard, and have all the guests go through driver’s training. Use your own (or borrow, from friends and family) mini-motorized vehicles for the kids to drive. Map out a course in your back yard for the trainees. Use orange plastic cones and yellow caution tape to create the course for kids to drive around, drive through, etc. The kids will have a ball, and get lots of exercise!

Party Food

Monster Truck Sandwiches: Make kid-pleasing sandwiches in a variety of types that will please a crowd. Make peanut butter and jelly, ham and cheese, and turkey, to appeal to all of the different guests. When the sandwiches are prepared, cut them into basic truck shapes. You can use extra-large cookie cutters, or you can easily cut them out yourself with a knife!

Big Truck Jello Jigglers: Make several batches of Jello in your favorite flavors – lime, strawberry, lemon, blue raspberry etc. Pour the jello into eight-inch square cake pans, and chill in the refrigerator until set. Once the jello is firm, cut out into truck shapes with a truck cookie cutter!

18-Wheeler Wheels: Serve Chocolate-Covered Donuts as big truck wheels. If you are feeling extra creative and inspired, draw tire tread and hubcaps on them with white decorator icing! This one is fun, delicious, and super-easy!


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