Fishing Party Supplies

Fishing Party Supplies
Fishing party supplies are a terrific way to let you or your loved one show off their love of the outdoors. If you’ve got a budding sportsman (or sportswoman) in your household, you’ll love decorating their next birthday or other event with these fun fishing themed party products. Say hurray to fishing with the help of our fin-tastic selection of wonderful fishing party supplies!

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Fishing Party Supplies, Fishing Party Favors

Head for the great outdoors and bring your rod and reel with the help of our wonderful fishing party supplies! Our fishing styled party favors, cupcake rings, decorations and other party favorites are a great way to make your guests smile and your party shine. Make your next party a fantastic fishing themed celebration with the help of our terrific fishing party supplies!

Fishing Birthday Party and Party Ideas

Fishing is typically something that takes patience and skill, but a fishing party can be full of exciting events! Teach everyone the joys of fishing by having a party that highlights the best of the sport.


Edible Aquarium: Show everyone the beauty of the ocean by showcasing your own edible aquarium. Make a batch of blue Jell-O and let it sit for about an hour. Once that time has passed, fill the container with some gummy fish and watch as they “swim” in the Jell-O as it hardens the rest of the way. You can make these aquariums portable by putting them in clear cups as well. Kids will love the visual appeal, as well as the taste, of these edible aquariums!


Prize Fishing: Real fishing is something that is very hit or miss, but that shouldn’t keep you from making a fun fishing game for the kids! Give each kid a fishing pole by tying a string to a dowel rod. You can then attach a paper clip to the other end and let them cast the line out. Have the line be hidden behind something, like a piece of plywood or even a couch, where someone is hiding. Once the line is cast, they will attach a paper with a number to it and give it a few tugs. The child will then reel the line in and win the prize with the corresponding number. It’s fun for people of all ages!

Decorating Fish Cookies: Fish come in all shapes and sizes, so why not make some of your own? Cut out some fun fish shapes from cookie batter and bake them like you normally would. After the cookies have cooled off, let the guests color their fish with some icing or add scales with candy and other treats.

Go Fish! : You can’t leave out a classic game like go fish when you have a fish party. Give everyone four cards and let them ask one another for different cards. The player with the most sets of cards at the end of the match is the winner. This game can be played with up to 6 people. If you can find some playing cards that have fish on them, it will add to the effect, but you can also purchase cards for younger kids as well.

Fishing is a great pastime and learning about fish is equally as fun. Let everyone see what fish can do by having the right supplies to make this party the best it can possibly be!


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