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Luau Ideas for the Perfect Luau Party

Luau party favors and kids' luau party games are a wonderful way to bring luau excitement to your festive gathering. Add some Hawaiian flair to your event with our flowery kids favorites, tropical toys, colorful fish squirts, beach inflatables and other cool summer items that your guests will be sure to enjoy. Keep your party-goers happy and your luau party moving with the help of our fantastic selection of luau party favors!

Kids' Luau Party Activities, Luau Party Fun

If you’re planning a luau birthday party or other luau-themed event for a number of kids, you’ll likely want to include some luau activities to keep everyone moving around and happy. It’s a good idea to create a variety of options, so that if one falls a little flat, you can quickly move onto another. Try not to make things too complicated and your guests should have wonderful time. Below are a few luau party activity suggestions that you may want to include.


What’s a luau party without Limbo? Find out how low your guests can go with this traditional luau favorite!

Sandbox Treasure Hunt

Bury many “treasures” in a sandbox for your party-goers to excavate with a bucket and shovel. Use cute luau party favors, seashells and other luau-themed toys as the treasure.

Decorate Your Flip Flops

Get some inexpensive light-colored (preferably white) flip flops for everyone to decorate. Provide colorful markers, cutouts, flower decorations and other fun, festive materials for your guests to show their creative side.

Sand Art

Mix and match colored sand in a selection of beach- or flower-themed sand art bottles. This not only makes a fun activity, but creates a wonderful luau party favor for your guests to take home.

Beach Ball Decoration

Keep those colored markers from your flip flop decorating (above) around for this activity. Hand out small beach balls to your guests and let them have fun drawing faces, animal features or whatever makes them happy. Allow the beach balls to dry, then let your guests toss them around outside.

Bucket, Ball and Shovel

Hand out your typical sand shovel and bucket to each guest. Set the bucket down on the floor, give each child a whiffle ball, and see who can toss the most balls into a bucket using the shovel. Give away a small prize or prizes at the end to those making the most baskets.

There are a million things you can do for luau activities with a few well-thought-out luau party favors and some other luau-themed items. We didn’t even mention adding colorful leis as decorations or as prize participation handouts. If you need more luau party activity ideas, simply think of ways you can incorporate traditional party games and events into a luau theme. Have fun with your party planning and with your guests, give out a few luau party favors here and there and you and your guests should have a fantastic time at your luau birthday party.


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