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Day of the Dead decorations, Day of the Dead skulls, and Day of the Dead party supplies are a wonderful way to lend decoration to your Dia De Muertos celebration. Participate in this sacred day of remembrance with the help of our Day of the Dead Decorations and other Dia De Muertos items. Cherish your memories and celebrate your loved ones on this day of spiritual reflection.
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  • Fiesta Tablecovers - 54in x 108in (Each)

    Fiesta Tablecovers - 54in x 108in (Each)

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  • Day of the Dead Straws (24 Pack)

    Day of the Dead Straws (24 Pack)

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  • Black Polka Dot Paper Straws (10 Pack)

    Black Polka Dot Paper Straws (10 Pack)

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3 Item(s)

Day of the Dead Decorations, Dia De Muertos Decorations

Remember the dead and celebrate the living with the help of our Day of the Dead decorations and Day of the Dead party supplies. Whether attending a festival, walking in a parade or participating in the many day’s offerings, our Day of the Dead party favors, Dia De Muertos decorations and other Day of the Dead party supplies will add to your occasion. Reflect on past loved ones and rejoice in their memories on this important day.

Day of the Dead (Dià de Muertos)

The Day of the Dead (or Dià de Muertos) is an important cultural, community and family event in many Spanish-speaking countries and communities. Celebrations to honor and remember those who have passed on are held all over the world but Dià de Muertos is often thought of as a Mexican holiday.

Traditions to Share

For those who aren’t familiar with this cultural celebration, the Day of the Dead can seem a little strange. However, there is nothing frightening about the modern-day traditions of this holiday. One of the best ways we can share cultures and understand each other is to explore the various celebrations of the world.

Dià de Muertos is not a celebration of death but rather a day of remembrance. Families gather together, adults and children alike, to pray for and remember the people they love who have died. They may visit the graves of those people, cleaning and decorating the gravesite and leaving the deceased’s favorite foods as a tribute.

Some of these traditions can easily be adapted into a family gathering. Honor a relative or friend in each course of a meal by making his or her favorite dish. Set out photos of your loved ones among vases of flowers. Marigolds are often used in Mexican Dià de Muertos celebrations.

Art , Beauty and Humor

Art is an integral part of Dià de Muertos and an activity in which all ages can participate. Flowers, along with images of skulls, the symbolic tree of life and skeletons are all used in Day of the Dead folk art. The colors are vibrant and full of life, often in contrast with the subject matter.

Graves are often decorated with bright flower arrangements and beautiful figurines. Families will make dioramas or draw pictures depicting their loved ones as skeletons in scenes from their lives or even in humorous situations. Death is often treated with a touch of humor on Day of the Dead which helps keep the celebration from becoming dark or scary.

Create your own floral art with vivid marigolds and zinnias. Sugar skulls are a traditional offering to be left at graves in Mexico. Small, plain white skull shapes are painted with icing, colored foils, feathers and other decorations. Stick to edible decorations around small children in case the sugar is too tempting. Older kids can experiment with anything their minds can create.

The Day of the Dead is really a celebration of life in all its stages. Enjoy the art and beauty of this important part of the Mexican heritage.


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