Wonder Woman Party Supplies

Wonder Woman Party Supplies
These fabulous Wonder Woman Party Supplies are a great way to add humorous and feminine style to any party gathering! Whether you’re celebrating a girls’ night out, a cocktail party, dinner get-together or some other gathering, you and your guests will love this clever tableware. Get ready for a fantastic day of fun with these wonderful Wonder Woman Party Supplies!
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Wonder Woman Party Supplies, Wonder Woman Cocktail Party Supplies

Wonder Woman party supplies are a great way to add a little retro fun to your next celebration. Even Wonder Woman needs a break sometimes and she is “off the clock” on these fabulous Wonder Woman plates and napkins. Enjoy these strong and full of attitude Wonder Woman party supplies at your next birthday party, barbecue, cocktail party or other fun get-together!

Wonder Woman is Here and How About Some Wonder Woman Trivia?

Wonder Woman has been a women’s role model in the comic world since she was created in 1941. But, what do we know about her and her history? What interesting facts can we find out about her? Well, below we’ve listed a handful of Wonder Woman trivia questions (and answers) for your entertainment. It should be easy to come up with your own questions if you’d like.

What is Wonder Woman known as in her homeland?

Wonder Woman is known as Diana of Themyscira in her homeland

What are Wonder Woman’s super powers?

Wonder Woman has super-agility, super-speed, super-strength and super-stamina. She can also fly, has the ability to have a rapport with animals which gives her a kind of communication with them, and also has combat skills. Let’s not forget her Lasso of Truth, those bulletproof bracelets, her tiara and a sometimes used invisible airplane. That’s a whole lot, and we probably missed something.

Who created Wonder Woman?

William Moulton Marston created Wonder Woman.

What was William Moulton Marston already famous for before he created Wonder Woman?

Marston was a psychologist and inventor of the polygraph (Hello, Lasso of Truth!)

What feminist magazine used Wonder Woman on its first ever standalone cover?

Ms. Magazine featured Wonder Woman on its cover in the early 1970s.

Despite being the fifth place comic book hero on IGN’s Top 100, a live-action film hasn’t yet made it out of the studios. Of course, there’s the 1970s television show and a more recent failed pilot. Anyway, we hope you enjoyed the above Wonder Woman trivia. We hope your Wonder Woman themed celebration is a great success, and don’t forget to use our fantastic Wonder Woman party supplies!


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