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Mad Men party supplies are here! We’re not saying that you have to drink Vodka Gimlets or Manhattans at your Mad Men themed party, but it’s probably a fun idea. For an amazingly sixties styled atmosphere, serve all of your drinks at your Mad Men themed get-together in our classic and chic Mad Men cocktail glasses. Don’t be a square when it comes to your upcoming cocktail party, dinner party or other special occasion. Be sure to use all of our fantastic Mad Men party supplies for your celebration!

Mad Men Party and Party Ideas

This popular TV show depicts life in an urban 1960's advertising agency at various levels. From secretaries to ad executives, the lives, times, and styles of the era - and how they sometimes collide - is part of the show's enduring success. While there are certainly some aspects of the show that aren't fit for children's parties, there are some elements of the show that can be quite a lot of fun to recreate!

Baked Alaska/Ambrosia Salad

These desserts were considered the height of sophistication for many in mid-20th century America, and they are fairly easy to make at home. Plenty of recipes abound online for either baked Alaska or ambrosia, and you can have quite a lot of fun putting these confections together. However, be careful when using fire with the baked Alaska; make sure that things don't get out of hand!

Virgin Cocktails

Drinking is a central activity in much of the Mad Men show, but you can create glamorous looking non-alcoholic cocktails at home that kids will love! For example, a classic Shirley Temple drink is a colorful, sweet hit with kids, and you can serve apple juice in lieu of brandy. These are just a few easy substitutions, so get creative!

Art of the Necktie

The dapper styles of ad execs are a big part of the show's appeal, so teach the kids how to tie a Windsor knot or bow tie, if they're not already aware. A two or three-liter soda bottle can serve nicely as a "neck", and you can time the kids to see how quickly they can tie these knots correctly once they have all had a chance to practice.

Advertising Today

Think of several everyday items, and then assign one item to a child or group. Ask them to create an ad campaign for the product they're assigned, and make sure that it's as exciting as possible. This offers the kids a glimpse into the world of advertising in general, which serves as the backdrop for the Mad Men series. Offer paper and crayons in order to make storyboards for print or commercial ads, and you can ask the kids to think up a script for a radio ad, as well. The results should be lots of fun, and can be a great object lesson for the kids in many ways. Specifically, it can show them that creating a successful ad campaign isn't always as easy as it looks!


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