Rock Star Party Supplies & Birthday Decorations

These Rock Star party supplies will have everybody at your party jamming and rockin’\' to the beat! Bright colors, swirling designs and wild guitars will help set the stage for your budding Rock Star’s birthday or other celebration. Your party guests and fellow music fans will be truly inspired by these wonderful, rock-styled party products!
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  • Rock Star Bubble Necklaces (Each)

    Rock Star Bubble Necklaces (Each)

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  • Rock Star Hair Pieces (12 Pack)

    Rock Star Hair Pieces (12 Pack)

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  • Inflatable Microphones (Each)

    Inflatable Microphones (Each)

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  • Inflatable Rock Star Guitars (Each)

    Inflatable Rock Star Guitars (Each)

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  • Rock Star Rubber Duckies (12 Pack)

    Rock Star Rubber Duckies (12 Pack)

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5 Item(s)

Rock Star Party Supplies, Rock Star Birthday Party

It’s time to get the band back together, because your rock star party supplies have arrived! Whether celebrating your rising young impresario’s birthday, family night, video game night or some other special occasion, our rock star items are a great addition to your rock star themed event. Bring your drums and electric guitars to the bash, these Rock Star party supplies are a sure way to help make your party a rockin’ fun time.

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is located in Cleveland, Ohio. While it opened its doors on September 2, 1995, it had been a museum in search of a location since 1983. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Foundation had been formed all the way back then, and it had taken that long for it to choose a city from the number of cities in the running. Besides Cleveland, the other cities that were considered for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame were Detroit, New York, Cincinnati, and Memphis.

Cleveland put together a really strong argument for their city. First, and maybe most important, they put together a financial package that was reputed to be $65 million. They produced a petition supporting the Cleveland location with over 600,000 signatures. Further, they argued that Cleveland was instrumental in the evolution of rock and roll and stated, among other things, that the city of Cleveland held the first rock concert ever (The Moondog Coronation Ball in 1952).

Today, the museum documents the history of rock and roll and inducts members annually. Inductees are honored in a special area within the museum and the museum continues to be a popular destination in Cleveland.

Have a blast at your rock star birthday or celebration. Enjoy your special occasion a little more with the help of these wonderful Rock Star party supplies. Who knows, your guest of honor might make it to the hall one day.

Whether it’s for your little diva or an all-out rocker, check out the best ideas for a Rock Star birthday party.

Party Activities

Dance Party: It’s not a rock star party without a dance party! Dress up the kids with wild wigs and face paint, give them inflatable guitars and microphones so they can be a true rock star. Record the dancing to make a fun ‘music video’ to show at the end of the party.

Walk of Fame: Cut out gold stars and have kids make hand prints with tempera paints onto the stars with their names on them. Then hang up the stars to make your own Wall of Fame at the party.

Hollywood Photo Shoot: Make a poster with a ‘gold record’ and have the kids pose in front of the sign in a rock star pose. Then have them decorate their own frame with glitter and paint to take home their rock star photo.

Get Those Shades On: Play a version of the timeless “Pin the Tail on…” but this time blow up photos of Justin Bieber or Lady Gaga, or other favorite pop stars and have the guests try to put sunglasses on the photo while blindfolded.

Party Food

Pop Star Punch: Serve fruit punch with Pop Rocks candies in it so the kids can enjoy a sugary drink that crackles in their mouth!

Diva Cupcakes: Make over-the-top cupcakes with fun icing, sprinkles and flowery decorations so each rock star guest can enjoy their own personalized cupcake.

Backstage Snack Bar: Serve your rock stars the ultimate snack bar with treats served in sparkly bowls and label them with the titles of pop songs.

Star Cookies: Serve fun buttery sugar cookies in the shapes of stars. Add icing to put the names of the guests as well as “rock star” sayings.

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