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Purple Mini Metal Buckets - 3in (Each)

Purple Mini Metal Buckets - 3in (Each)
Our Price $0.99 Suggested $1.19
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Purple Mini Metal Buckets - 3in (Each)
Our Price $0.99 Suggested $1.19
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  • Purple Mini Metal Buckets - (Each)
  • Stand about 3 inches tall with a 3.25-inch diameter
  • Great quality bucket
  • Perfect addition to any party

Add These Purple Mini Metal Buckets To Any Party Theme!

Your party decorations will dazzle even more with the addition of our Purple Mini Metal Buckets. They make a great addition to any party or event and can be used in a variety of ways! 

They are not food safe, so please ensure that any edible goodies are individually wrapped before being put inside. For another fun option, add a tea light or votive candle to each one for a clever decoration! 

We Go The Extra Mile:

Our Purple Mini Metal Buckets are of better quality than other party brands, making them perfect for your party. Each of our party themes is researched and tested by our team of designers. We go the extra mile to make sure that you absolutely love our party supplies. 

Perfect For Birthdays And Other Special Events

These Purple Mini Metal Buckets make a great addition to your decor at your upcoming celebration or event. Choose from one of our many themed parties, add our mini buckets as part of your decor and then add our themed tableware to make your party complete! 

PLEASE NOTE: This is considered an over-sized product. Please be advised that if your order includes more than one of this item and/or other bulky items, you may be contacted by customer service for additional shipping charges. We appreciate your understanding.

Made to Last And High-Quality:

These mini buckets go great with so many of our party themes and are designed with quality in mind! Get creative with the decor, and then choose solid colored tableware as an accent! 

Unique, Creative Design:

Our Purple Mini Metal Buckets, along with the rest of our party supply products, are created at our main office by our dynamic team of in-house product designers. Our designers work hard to research and design a variety of party themes that are perfect for your special occasions, like Gymnastics, LOL! Surprise, Video Games, and Glow!


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