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Join Connor, Amaya and Greg on their next adventure with these fun PJ Masks party supplies! Just as the trio transforms to crime-fighting heroes at night, your event will transform into an unforgettable one when you choose from our wide range of tableware, PJ Masks party favors, decorations and much more.
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  • Superhero Mask Glasses (Each)

    Superhero Mask Glasses (Each)

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PJ Masks Plot and Characters

PJ Masks is a cartoon about three friends, Greg, Connor and Amaya, who become crime-fighting heroes at nightfall. They turn in to Gekko, Catboy and Owlette and, in their pjs, defeat criminals, solve crimes and find various other adventure.

The main characters in PJ Masks are:

  • Connor (Catboy): The leader of PJ Masks; at night he transforms into Catboy and has super hearing, super jump and super speed.

  • Amaya (Owlette): The female member of PJ Masks; she turns into Owlette and can fly and knock enemies back with a strong wind.

  • Greg (Gekko): Youngest member of PJ Masks; he transforms into Gekko and can camouflage himself, has super strength and super grip.

  • Night Ninja: a villain in PJ Masks who owns minions that he calls the Ninjalinos.

  • Romeo: an “evil genius” villain who invents devices from his lab.

PJ Masks Birthday Ideas

Below are some ideas on how to get your PJ Masks birthday off the ground. Remember to start with Discount Party Supplies’ selection of tableware, favors and decorations!

PJs and…well…masks!: Have your party guests wear their favorite, most heroic pjs to the party! Hand out colored superhero masks to complete each person’s mighty ensemble.

Hero coloring contest: Hand out pencils, crayons and blank paper to the kids and have them draw and color their ideal superhero. Hand out small prizes to the most creative.

Color-coordinated food & drink: Luckily, the main colors used in PJ Masks are easy to duplicate. Use simple food coloring to duplicate the red, blue and green found in PJ Masks for a really cool-looking party.


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