Penguin Party Party Supplies & Birthday Decorations

Penguin party supplies are a wonderful selection for your upcoming birthday party, family night or other special occasion. Shake off your snow covered wings and get ready to decorate your next party in fun penguin style. Penguin themed cups, plates, napkins and more are perfect for your party tables, and our other fantastic penguin party supplies are sure to make your entire celebration shine!

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  • Ice Cream Dishes (12 Pack)

    Ice Cream Dishes (12 Pack)

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    Smiley Mini Bubbles (Each)

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    Penguin Pinatas - 20in (Each)

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Penguin Party Supplies, Penguin Party Favors, Penguin Decorations

Penguin party supplies will bring the beautiful and icy landscape of the South Pole home to your celebration. Well, maybe it won’t bring all of Antarctica to your house, but it will certainly bring some of our delightfully cute and colorful penguins over. Our adorable penguin plates, cups, napkins, penguin decorations, party favors and more will turn your ordinary party into a penguin extravaganza. Add to your celebration’s fun and excitement with all of our wonderful penguin party supplies!

What Makes a Penguin a Penguin?

Penguins are aquatic flightless birds found primarily in the southern hemisphere and Antarctica. They are strongly suited for living in the water as their wings act as flippers and are unsuitable for flying. Further, among the penguin plumage is a tight layer of air that helps them float and swim and keeps them buoyant. This layer of air also helps keep them warm in cold water. A bit clumsy on land (although they can toboggan on their stomachs pretty well), penguins are extremely agile swimmers.

Penguins are able to dive at rapid speeds, sometimes said to reach up to 17 miles per hour. However, they are not deep divers as they stick to shallow waters where they usually can dine on prey. Some penguins, like the emperor, can sometimes dive pretty deep out of need.

Along with the layer of air to keep them warm, penguins also have a heavy layer of insulating feathers that prevents heat loss and keeps them warm in the water. Some penguins can increase blood flow to their extremities, which minimizes the amount of blood that gets cold while still keeping their tips from freezing. When out of the water, groups of penguins will huddle together, rotating positions to give each a chance to warm themselves in the middle of the group.

Why is a Penguin Colored the Way It Is?

Penguins are black and white for so they can better hide themselves from predators. Their black backs and white fronts help disguise the penguin from two types of predators. Penguin predators from beneath will look upwards in the water and have trouble seeing the white belly of the penguin as it swims next to the reflective light of the surface. On the other hand, predators from above will have a hard time picking out the black back of the penguin as they look downward on the water’s surface.

Have a Fantastic Penguin Birthday Party!

Have a fantastic penguin birthday party! Prepare for your party ahead of time, give yourself plenty of time to get things done, and be sure to have a great time and your guests should too. Finally, don’t forget to take along our wonderful penguin party supplies for your big day.


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