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Cake Pans are an important part of your celebration once you’ve decided on making your own cake for your event. Using shaped cake pans is relatively easy if you have any cake making experience (it’s pretty easy even if you’ve never made a cake as well), and all of our cake pans should include instructions specific to their shape. Of course, if you know what you’re doing, you can always vary things up a bit to create your own special creation.

But before you proceed, we thought it would be best to include some basic cake making tips to keep in mind before you begin. To be the most prepared, you should be consider gathering the following items before starting:

Your cake pan of course!
Cake board or cookie sheet
Aluminum foil (if using a cookie sheet)
Non-stick baking spray (Be sure to spray your cake pan!)
A spatula
Icing bags with couplers
Your cake’s instructions for your particular cake pan.

While store bought frosting always works and I personally love it, it can be a delicious and tasty touch to make your own buttercream frosting or fondant. Neither is very hard to make, and both are wonderful for decorating and piping. However, if you are unfamiliar with fondant or have never worked with it, you should probably practice with frosting first (it’s easier) before attempting it. Of course, both fondant and frosting can be used to decorate cupcakes as well.

Remember, anyone can make a wonderful cake and create a special experience for their loved one using a shaped cake pan. Practice will make you better, but even the inexperienced bakers can manage to make a nice cake shaped like a favorite character or theme by following the instructions. After all, our shaped cake pans are designed to make the baking experience an easy one.

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