Multicolored DIY Jointed Birthday Banners - 7ft (Each)

Multicolored DIY Jointed Birthday Banners - 7ft (Each)

Multicolored DIY Jointed Birthday Banners - 7ft (Each)


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This vivid Multicolor Happy Birthday DIY Jointed Banner is perfect for any girl's birthday celebration! Great for Sweet 16, 21st birthdays and much more, this fun kit includes everything you need for assembly and measures about 7ft long. (Each)

To Assemble:

  • 1. The banner comes with 3 components: the needle, the ribbon and the tiles
  • 2. There are 13 tiles: one for each letter of “Happy Birthday”.
  • 3. Start by feeding one end of the ribbon about 1.5 inches into the needle. Tie a double knot there so that the needle stays on the ribbon when you’re feeding through the tiles.
  • 4. Starting with the “H” tile, feed the needle and ribbon through the back of the top left hole and pull through to the top right hole. Pull the ribbon all the way through the tile’s holes until you have roughly 1.5 inches of ribbon left. Double-knot the ribbon there as well so that it does not fall through the tile holes.
  • 5. Continue feeding the ribbon through each tile, starting with the back of the left hole and ending in the front of the right hole.
  • 6. Once you’ve threaded all 13 tiles, it is easiest to hang your banner using strong adhesive tape, tacks, or by threading around nails. The fully-assembled banner is roughly 7’ long. Once you’ve got the banner hung, space out the tiles on the ribbon so that they are all even or nearly even.

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