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Lilo and Stitch are certainly Disney favorites! Bring home the fun of Lilo, Stitch, Nani, Jumba and the entire gang when you celebrate your special occasion with the help of Lilo and Stitch party supplies. You’ll love our colorful selection of tableware, party decorations, favors and more. Celebrate in Lilo and Stitch style with all of our amazing Lilo and Stitch party decorations..

Lilo & Stitch Birthday Party Food and Activity Ideas

A charming tale of family, love, and alien genetic experiments gone awry, "Lilo & Stitch" has been a favorite movie of children everywhere since its initial release in 2002. The Lilo and Stitch characters themselves are instantly recognizable worldwide, and there are a number of great ways to incorporate the various faces and themes of the movie into a wonderful children's party!

Lilo & Stitch Cake

Since the characters are so popular, it's likely that you can have a Lilo & Stitch cake made for you at a nearby bakery. Printing an edible image of these characters onto a sheet cake is a simple matter nowadays, so call around to see which nearby venues can make a confection featuring these beloved characters without a problem!

Hawaiian Treats

Since the Lilo & Stitch movie is set in Hawaii, serving coconuts, bananas, and other tropical fruits that this exotic US state is known for can be a fun treat! Making smoothies and milkshakes out of these items can offer a fun new dimension to these healthy fruits, as well.

Stitch, Pets, and Family

In the film, Lilo adopts Stitch, who is the result of alien genetic experiments gone awry, as a pet. Despite the fact that Stitch has been genetically engineered to be a troublemaker from the beginning, Lilo's love and patience see the little blue creature form a strong bond with his new adoptive family in due time. The definition of family is one that certainly plays a central part in the Lilo & Stitch story from start to finish, so have the kids sit down in a circle for a discussion. Ask them if they have any pets, and if so, were there any undesirable behaviors that had to be stopped? If so, how was the training accomplished? You can then ask the child how many people are in their immediate family, including pets. Go around the circle while asking each child the same question, and it should soon become clear just how similar, and yet how different, families of all kinds can be outside of the cartoon universe!

Artistic Renditions

Offer paper and crayons to the children, and ask them to draw their favorite scene or scenes from the Lilo & Stitch movie. The kids can then show the rest of the party goers their masterpiece, and explain why they chose the scene in question. This is a great way to give each child a party souvenir with a personal touch, as well!


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