Lego Star Wars Party Supplies & Birthday Decorations

What’s even better than Star Wars? Lego Star Wars Party Supplies, that’s what! This fun Lego tableware and other birthday supplies features all of your favorite characters in their full Lego form. Your guests will enjoy seeing Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, Chewbacca, Yoda, Han Solo, C3PO and R2D2. Heck, there’s even Lego stormtroopers on these thrilling Lego Party Supplies!
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  • Brick Party Sign Cutouts - 6in (6 Pack)

    Brick Party Sign Cutouts - 6in (6 Pack)

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    Special Price Our Price: $3.99

  • Space Squirt Guns (12 Pack)

    Space Squirt Guns (12 Pack)

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    Special Price Our Price: $10.99

  • Vehicle Building Sets (12 Pack)

    Vehicle Building Sets (12 Pack)

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    Special Price Our Price: $15.00

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Lego Star Wars

This isn’t any ordinary Star Wars birthday – make it extra special with a LEGO Star Wars party. The Lego Star Wars theme is great for both boys and girls and is full of options for a fun party. Check out more ideas for a fun Lego Star Wars birthday party.


Light Saber duels – Have the kids make their own light sabers using foam tubes cut down to size, glittery construction tape and stickers. Add colored tape for some individual designs. Once the sabers are made, the kids can have some fun reenacting a true Star Wars duel.

Quest for R2D2 – Make a Scavenger Hunt for R2-D2. Fashion a map of your house or yard with different clues leading the kids on a galaxy quest for R2-D2. At the end of the road, have a cut out or blow up R2-D2 figure with some candy or treats to celebrate.

Lego Star Wars Galaxies – Set out a variety of Legos for a quiet activity where kids can build their own galaxy or area. You can even purchase a small ship for each child that they can take home for their goody bag.


Princess Leia Rolls – Princess Leia has that iconic hair style, and you can make an edible version with sweet cinnamon rolls. You can buy the cinnamon roll in any supermarket and add sweet frosting for an extra treat.

Colorful Light Sabers – Using long pretzel sticks and food coloring you can make easy light sabers that the kids will love. Use white chocolate and different food coloring in pastel colors to make the different saber lights. Then dip the pretzel rods into the melted chocolate and let cool on a baking tray. Serve in a jar with a Light Saber label.

Gummy Ewoks – You can serve a colorful array of Gummy Bears and Sour Patch Bears with a special Ewok label to keep with the Star Wars theme. It’s a bonus since the little bears also look like the Lego figures.

Space Balls – Crush up a package of Oreo cookies and add the crumbs to a package of cream cheese. Refrigerate overnight and then roll the mixture into mini balls. You can dip these balls into melted white chocolate or milk chocolate and let cool to harden. Roll in candied sugar in different colors for a spacey effect.

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