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Tie Dye Party Supplies will help your party guests have the grooviest time possible! Our psychedelic Tie Dye Party Packs, decorations, tableware and other party items with their vibrant swirls and peaceful symbols are sure to add some far-out tie-dye flavor to your party.
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  • Tie Dye Slap Bracelets (12 Pack)

    Tie Dye Slap Bracelets (12 Pack)

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  • Crazy Hair Rubber Duckies (12 Pack)

    Crazy Hair Rubber Duckies (12 Pack)

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Tie Dye Party Supplies, Tie Dye Party Decorations

Tie Dye birthday party supplies are a fun way to celebrate anyone’s birthday! Tie dye party ideas, decorations, balloons, invitations, cake decorations and even tie dye party favors can enhance any 60’s birthday theme. Do you know how the tie dye imagery became associated with the sixties? Read on for the answer!

For those that didn’t know, tie dye is the process of resist dyeing clothing typically made from cotton or other knit fabrics. It is usually done with bright colors in a variety of styles.

Tie Dye Fun Facts

Tie Dye History
The history of tie dye dates back to ancient times. As the process of tie dying developed over the years, tie dye designs appeared in China during the T’ang dynasty (618-90 AD) and also in Japan around the same time. The availability of silk and hemp (both outstanding fabrics for resist dyeing) in these Asian countries helped make tie dyed clothing spread throughout the region.
While tie dye designs appeared throughout the centuries in various parts of the world, it showed up in the United States in the 1920s. People would tie dye cotton flour sacks and weave them into their curtains, tablecloths, or their clothing. It was a relatively cheap way to decorate houses and clothing during the Depression.

Tie Dye Joins the Hippie Movement
You may not know this, but tie dye returned to popularity in the 1960’s with the help of a man named Don Price. Don was a Best Foods executive who asked to be given the struggling company’s failing brand, Rit Dye. His bosses gave in and let Don take over the account, but refused to give him a budget.
In an early example of guerilla marketing, Don took to the streets. He searched for artists in Greenwich Village who were willing to work with Rit for tie dying. Soon he found a married couple, Will and Eileen Richardson, to design with the velvet and chiffon that Don brought them.
Will and Eileen began creating incredible designs with the fabric. The samples they created were so stunning that Don soon was showing them to designers and clients around New York. Most weren’t interested, but when Halston placed an order for $5,000, people took notice. Tie dye began to grow in popularity. With musicians and celebrities like Janis Joplin, Joe Cocker and others jumping on the bandwagon, tie dye became cemented with the hippie movement forever.

How to Create Some Common Tie Dye Patterns

The Spiral
This fun tie dye pattern is created by gathering a small part of the fabric and slowly rotating the cloth so that it creates pleats arranged in swirls around the a point. Next, you gather the fabric into a smooth, round bunch and typically dye the different arms of the spiral different colors to create a vibrant pattern.

The V Shape
Fold your cloth or shirt in half vertically. Then draw a diagonal line from the shoulder to the center of your fabric. Fold along the line and bunch it into one or more diagonal shapes. Color it in as you please.

Like the name implies, this involves coloring your cloth using one or many different patterns to create your own unique designs.


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