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There’s a ton of adorable characters found in Suzys Zoo. Why not decorate your little one’s birthday party in delightful fashion with the help of these wonderful Suzys Zoo party supplies? Decorate your tables in colorful, matching tableware, give your little guests an assortment of party favors, and liven up your decorations with some Suzys Zoo balloons. Whatever you do, plan ahead, enjoy yourself and be sure to add our charming Suzys Zoo party supplies!

Suzy’s Zoo Birthday Party Ideas

Bring the friendly characters from the friendly place of Duckport to your young child’s party! There won’t be a happier, cuter theme than a Duckport theme. Kids will have a blast playing the games and eating snacks that remind them of the memorable animal characters. They will feel like they really stepped foot into the world of Suzy’s Zoo.


Beak Isles Cake: Cover the cake with blue icing, except for the shape of the island called Greater Beak, which is where Duckport is located. Duckport is where Suzy and all of her fun friends live. You can explain to the children about some the history of the Beak Isle to pique their imaginations.

Suzy Ducken Cupcakes: In honor of the happy Suzy Ducken and her favorite color, serve cupcakes with yellow and pink icing. The kids will enjoy talking about the character while eating the scrumptious dessert.

Pink and White Jelly Beans: Bring out another tribute to Suzy Ducken’s cute outfit by having small wrapped bags of pink and white jelly beans. These are sure to be another hit at the snack table with the kids. Just make sure they don’t eat too much candy!


Suzy Ducken Trivia: Gather everyone around for a game of fun. Tell everyone that it is time to play Suzy’S Zoo Trivia. With so many fun characters, it will be fun for all of the children to learn more about the lovable characters.

Duckport Coloring Sheets: You can print off sheets from the Suzy’s Zoo website to give to every guest. Hand out crayons and then allow them to color away. They will have a blast coloring the various characters from Suzy’s Zoo.

Picnic: After everyone is finished coloring, have a fun picnic just like Suzy and her friends would have. Serve vegetables and small sandwiches and give the kids the experience of eating outdoors on a blanket without a table.

Duck, Duck, Goose: What better time to play this classic children’s game than at a Suzy’s Zoo theme party? Choose one child to be “it” and then have them walk around the circle of sitting children, saying “Duck, Duck…” as they tap each child’s head. Once they say “Goose,” the child’s head that they touch has to stand and run after them. It is no wonder. Suzy Ducken might be a little upset if she were called a goose, too!


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