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    School Bus Favors (Each)

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School Party Supplies, School Party Favors

Our school party supplies are a wonderful way to help kick off your next school function. Of course, it doesn’t have to take place at school to be a school themed party. Our school decorations, school party favors and other school party supplies are great for achievement parties, teacher parties, student gatherings and other fun school themed events. Whatever the occasion, you’ll love adding these delightful school party products to your upcoming school styled event.

School Birthday Party and Party Ideas

For kids with an academic bent - or who simply love school in general - incorporating this nearly universal theme of life into a party can prove to be a lot of fun! The opportunities for school-themed treats and crafts are nearly endless, but some of our favorite suggestions are as follows:

Apple Slices and Caramel

The "apple for the teacher" meme is one that has been consistent throughout American culture for well over a century, so offer the little tykes a platter of apple slices (soaked in lemon juice to prevent oxidation,) with caramel, chocolate sauce, or another tasty dip. This can prove to be a great way to encourage slightly healthier eating habits while still incorporating a terrific sugar high!

School-Themed Cake

You can opt to decorate a simple cake with math facts, the ABC's, pictures of pencils, and more to create a school-themed cake at home, or you can find a professional baker to create these effects for you. Either option should be fairly simple for a good baker to handle, so have no fear on this front; plenty of ideas and options abound for this type of thing! If you can find candles shaped like pencils, you can really make this cake a truly memorable piece de resistance!

Math Trivia & Spelling Bees

Asking the kids to participate in a math or spelling trivia challenge is a great way to incorporate fun and learning in the same exercise. Write down a number of grade-appropriate math facts and spelling words for the kids, and see which of them emerges victorious. You can continue these challenges as long as the children are willing. Additionally, a small prize for the winners, like a pack of colored pencils or markers, can make a little kid's day!

Make A Chalkboard

With chalkboard paint becoming a mass-produced phenomenon in recent years, almost any flat surface can become a chalkboard nowadays. Dollar store mirrors can provide a great base for a homemade chalkboard, and the kids will love making a little portable party favor of their own! Simply purchase a mirror for each child, disposable foam paintbrushes, plenty of chalk, and enough chalkboard paint to go around, and then demonstrate how to apply the paint in layers to the kids before having them go to town. By the end of the party, each child should have a brand-new chalkboard of their very own, and you can offer each one a piece of chalk to go with it.


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