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Looking for a Christian based way to decorate your little one’s special day? Look no further than our delightful selection of Precious Girls party supplies. Our Precious Girls balloons, matching tableware and fun party favors are a great way to add some adorable style to your get-together. Add some faith and fun to your big day with the help of our wonderful selection of Precious Girls party supplies!

Precious Girls Club Birthday Party Ideas

Is your precious girl anxious to throw a one of a kind party? How about a Precious Girls Club theme? She and her friends will have a blast with this girl-friendly party that focuses on both fun and friendship. Make some deliciously lovely snacks and create some memorable games for a unique party.


Cute Cupcakes: In the spirit of girls, prepare or purchase cupcakes with pretty pastel icing for a yummy and decadent treat. The girls will feel extra special knowing such thought was put into the cupcakes. There is nothing nicer than eating a pretty cupcake.

Pretty Candy Bar: Set up a candy bar in pretty colours for everyone to put in a decorative party favor bag and take home later. Every child’s dream is to attend a party with a candy bar so this one is sure to be a hit – even among the precious girls.

Precious Tea Party: Serve a variety of teas, such as herbal, green, black, and white in pretty cups and saucers for a whimsical break from the norm. The girls will have a lot of fun having a pretend tea party and pretending that they are fine ladies enjoying an elegant time with friends.

Cute Sandwiches: Make sandwiches that are almost as precious as your child and her guests. Use flower or star shaped cookie cutters to cut out pretty shapes from ordinary sandwiches for a unique lunch for the girls.


Precious Girls Club Board Game: “Charmed Life” is a fun game designed by the makers of Precious Girls Club. It is a great game to learn good values while having a lot of fun with friends. It is a calming and relaxed game and is a good chance for the girls to spend quality time with one another while enjoying something new.

Why I Like Being a Girl: Have each girl stand up and say something positive about being a girl. It is a fun way to encourage bonding and positivity of their gender. It will arm them for issues that might develop in the not too distant future.

Precious Girls Club Charades: Each girl can act out one of the characters while everyone else sits and tries to guess which one it is. These games are always very fun and produce a lot of laughs. You can switch things up and do a trivia game as well, to test their knowledge of the Precious Girls characters.


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