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Pink Poodle Party Supplies, Pink Poodle Birthday Party

Our Pink Poodle party supplies are an adorable way to decorate your upcoming birthday party, family night or other fun get-together. Your party tables and other part of your celebration will look wonderful with our fabulous pink poodle styled plates, decorations, cake supplies and other party items. Make your party pretty in pink with the addition of our fantastic pink poodle party supplies!

Pink Poodle Birthday Party and Party Ideas

From standard to toy poodles, this dog breed has been incredibly popular and praised for its curly fur, quick mind, and loyalty for many years. Many poodle owners nowadays opt to dye their furry companion's hair pink with non-toxic colorants, and the images of pink poodles nowadays in real life and otherwise are more plentiful than ever. Pink poodles can make a terrific theme for a kid's party, and we'd like to suggest the following options:

Pink Poodle Cakes

Plenty of cakes can be made with pink frosting nowadays, and a poodle image is easy enough for many commercial bakeries to superimpose on a sheet cake. Grab a cute image of a pink poodle that your child likes in particular, and see if any local bakeries can reproduce it for you. This can provide a great centerpiece to the party in general, and the treat tastes as good as it looks!

Pink Frosted "Milk Bone" Cookies

Bake a batch of bone-shaped cookies (for people, not animals), making sure that they can be easily frosted. Adding pink icing to a bone-shaped sugar cookie, for instance, is a great way to keep the pink poodle theme running throughout the refreshments in a unique and tasty way. Just make sure that any actual animals you have in the home don't mistake a platter of human cookies for a platter of their own favorite treats!

Design Pink Poodle Accessories

Give the children plenty of paper and pink crayons, and then ask them to design collars, leashes, bows, and food bowls for a pink poodle. You can also have the children draw pink poodles of their own, featuring the lovely accessories the kids have designed. This is a great way to get into the spirit of the party, and is a very charming way to unleash the creativity of the little minds involved!

Safe Dyes for Pets

While it can be fun to have a pet that has uniquely-colored fur, it should be noted that not all dyes are alike, and some can be quite harmful to pets. It's important to tell the children that only an adult should attempt to dye an animal's fur, and that you should only buy completely non-toxic and animal-safe dyes that won't harm your pet's skin, eyes, or nose. Also, any pet that finds themselves outside and roaming around frequently should never have their fur dyed. Bright colors that stand out can make them a target to predators, so make sure that any time your child wants to dye a pet, they know what is and is not a good idea!


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