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Narwhal Party Supplies, Narwhal Birthday

Our Narwhal party supplies are simply the cutest! Whether decorating for a baby shower, 1st birthday or some other special occasion, our Narwhal-themed decorations, party favors and more will add an adorable element to your big day. Let your party guests travel the high seas and visit with the wonderful narwhals when you plan your party with the help of our fantastic Narwhal party supplies!

Seven Fast Facts About Narwhals

We can all agree that narwhals are super cool. But what do we really know about them? Are they fish or a type of dolphin or neither? What do they eat and where do they live? Read below for a few fun and informative facts about the narwhal!

1. Did you know that the narwhal is, in fact, a whale. This medium-sized whale can be found in the same whale family (Monodontidae) as the beluga whale.

2. The narwhal’s tusk is actually a canine tooth which can grow to over 3 meters long.

3. The narwhal’s tusks are found mostly in males with only 15% of the females having them. Some narwhals can even have two tusks that protrude from their head.

4. Sometimes two narwhals will rub their tusks together. It is believed that this communicates information about the water around them and is not believed to be any sort of territorial behavior.

5. The narwhal can be found in the northern reaches of the world, primarily in the Arctic Ocean. You may remember seeing Mr. Narwhal hanging out around the North Pole in the movie Elf.

6. The narwhal feeds primarily in the benthic zone, which is the area of the ocean that hovers above the sediment. Primarily, they eat halibut, cod, cuttlefish, shrimp and other fish.

7. Narwhals can live fifty years and longer. However, they are often at risk of starvation and must continually be on the lookout for food sources.

Quick Party Idea: Ice Cream Cones for Narwhal Horns

Add a little narwhal fun to your celebration by including some ice cream cones with your party decorations. Add mini –cones to narwhal themed cake pops for the final touch, hand them out with your cake for the kids to eat and play around with, or simply use them to enhance your traditional birthday cake. There are plenty of great uses for the ice cream cone as a pre-made narwhal horn. Just have fun with it and your little guests will too.

Have a Great Time at Your Narwhal Birthday Party!

There are so many reasons to have a narwhal party! Number one on that list is that it is simply a super cute and fun party theme that you and your guests will love. Decorate your party tables with our adorable narwhal plates, napkins and more.Then add some of our super charming narwhal decorations throughout your get-together to really add some pop. Finally, give your guests something to remember with our adorable narwhal party favors and they will be thrilled. Have a great time at your narwhal birthday party and make it even better with all of our fantastic narwhal party supplies!


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