Hello Kitty Party Supplies

Hello Kitty Party Supplies are a favorite of children of all ages (and even some adults). Here at DPS, we\'ve got everything you need for a complete Hello Kitty birthday, with this classic and cute kitten decorating plates, napkins, favors, and all sorts of other goodies. Bring Hello Kitty home for your next special occasion with these wonderful birthday supplies!

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Hello Kitty Party Supplies, Hello Kitty Birthday Party!

Hello Kitty party supplies are a terrific way to start off your Hello Kitty themed celebration. If you’re celebrating a Hello Kitty birthday party or other Hello Kitty occasion (maybe a Hello Kitty Thanksgiving party, who knows?), these colorful Hello Kitty decorations and tableware are must have items to get your party rolling. Your party guests (and fellow Hello Kitty fans) will love all of these adorable Hello Kitty party supplies!

When Was Hello Kitty Created?

Hello Kitty party Supplies are always fun! Most people know that Hello Kitty was created in Japan (by the Japanese company Sanrio) but did you know that Hello Kitty is actually British? It’s true! This is because at the time of her creation (in 1974), British items and culture were popular in Japan. It all began in 1962 when Sanrio and its founder Shintaro Tsuji began selling footwear with flowers painted on them. Tsuji soon noticed that the sandals with cute designs on them sold better than other sandals, and so he soon began incorporating characters into most of his merchandise. In 1974, it was designer Yuko Shimizu who created Hello Kitty for Sanrio and it first appeared on a vinyl coin purse. It was at this time that Sanrio made Hello Kitty British and worked out the details of the character’s history.

Who is Hello Kitty’s Friends and Family?

So, we’ve already learned that Hello Kitty is British, but what about her family? Does she have any brothers and sisters? What are her parents like? Does she have any pets? Who is her best friend? Hello Kitty, whose real name is Kitty White (that would make a great trivia question) has a large family that includes her twin sister “Mimmy”. You can tell Kitty from Mimmy by the way they wear their bows. Mimmy wears her bow on the right and Kitty wears hers on the left. Their papa is named George and he’s a bit absent-minded. Their mother Mary loves to cook and is good at it. Kitty’s family also includes grandparents Anthony and Margaret. Kitty’s best friend is a boy named Daniel Starr, but Kitty refers to him as Dear Daniel. Daniel dreams of being a star one day and can play the piano. Kitty owns a cat whose name is Charmmy Kitty. Charmmy wears a necklace that contains the key to Kitty’s jewelry box. Kitty also owns a pet hamster named “Sugar”.

Hello Kitty Today

Hello Kitty has remained a popular character around the world since her creation. Whether she appears on the birthday supplies at a birthday party, in a video game, on a design of other popular products, or as the entire theme of a restaurant (yes, there actually is a Hello Kitty restaurant in Taipei, Taiwan), Hello Kitty remains one of the most recognized cartoon icons anywhere.

Hello Kitty party supplies can help make your party planning easy. We hope you have a wonderful time with your Hello Kitty themed celebration and wish you the best on your big day!


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