Garden Party Supplies

Garden party supplies are a cute and fun way to help celebrate your next outdoor themed get-together. Whether you’ve got some gardening activities lined up for an upcoming birthday party or some other celebration in mind, you’ll love all of these matching fabulous party items. Make your next harvest-style gathering a beautiful one with the help of our fantastic caterpillar party supplies!
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  • Bug Stickers (1 Sheet)

    Bug Stickers (1 Sheet)

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  • Smiley Mini Bubbles (Each)

    Smiley Mini Bubbles (Each)

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  • Flower Rubber Rings (12 Pack)

    Flower Rubber Rings (12 Pack)

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Solid tableware

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Garden Party Supplies, Garden Party Decorations

A gardening theme is a fun and extremely cute way to decorate your next birthday party or other special occasion. Kids love flowers, plants and seeing how things grow, so why not add these wonderful garden favors, garden party decorations, tableware and other garden party supplies to your special day? If you’ve got some children who have burgeoning green thumbs and would love a garden themed party, you’ll love adding these colorful and fun garden party supplies.

Garden Birthday Party and Party Ideas

Discover the true fun in having a garden by throwing a garden party. Guests will be able to create their own special garden as well as learn how to properly maintain it in order to keep their plants healthy and fruitful.


Worms in the Dirt: This is probably the only time that you'll be happy to see worm in your dirt (let alone your Food.) This delightfully gross dessert is a hit with kids and is easy to make. Make a batch of chocolate pudding and set it aside while you crush some cookies in a Ziploc bag. Dump the crumbles into the bottom quarter of the cup, fill the middle with pudding, and top it off with some worms and more cookie crumbles. This easy dessert will keep kids satisfied and entertained while teaching them some of the messier aspects of gardening.

Watering the Masses: Keeping plants hydrated is a very important part of gardening, but it can also be a very fun lesson for kids. Fill a very clean watering can with a popular beverage, such as a fruit drink or soda. Kids will love the idea of going around and “watering” everyone’s cups while understanding how to properly water a plant so that they don't spill or over water their plants.


Plant Your own Garden: Show kids and adults how easy it is to start your own garden. Have a few small clay pots ready for your guests. Let them pick out their own seeds and fill the pots with dirt before planting the seed. They are then free to take their plant with them and witness how fun it is to garden. All they have to do is water it and give it plenty of sunlight. You can choose whether you want them to take home something edible or pretty, but it is sure to impress either way.

Decorate with the Garden: If you already have a garden at your home, you can actually have your visitors decorate your party for you. Let them pick some stylish plants and place them around the party location. The creative ones may even make a centerpiece for your table, which can be admired throughout the day.

With the right tools, gardening can be a very fun activity. This is the same for hosting a party. Make sure you have the right tools to host the best gardening party possible!


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