Fresh Beat Band Party Supplies

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  • Add Solid Color Streamers for $.99

    Add Solid Color Streamers for $.99

    Starting at: $0.99

  • Add Solid Color Balloons for $1.79

    Add Solid Color Balloons for $1.79

    Starting at: $1.79

  • Smiley Mini Bubbles (Each)

    Smiley Mini Bubbles (Each)

    Regular Price: Suggested: $0.59

    Special Price Our Price: $0.41

  • Inflatable Microphones (Each)

    Inflatable Microphones (Each)

    Regular Price: Suggested: $2.19

    Special Price Our Price: $1.99

  • Blue Solid Tableware

    Add Blue Tableware

    Starting at: $3.49

  • Pink Solid Tableware

    Add Pink Tableware

    Starting at: $1.79

  • Orange Solid Tableware

    Add Orange Tableware

    Starting at: $1.99

  • Green Solid Tableware

    Add Green Tableware

    Starting at: $1.99

  • Blue Balloons (10 Pack)

    Blue Balloons (10 Pack)

    Regular Price: Suggested: $1.99

    Special Price Our Price: $1.79

  • Green Crepe Streamers - 81ft (Each)

    Green Crepe Streamers - 81ft (Each)

    Regular Price: Suggested: $1.49

    Special Price Our Price: $0.99

  • Pink Crepe Streamers - 81ft (Each)

    Pink Crepe Streamers - 81ft (Each)

    Regular Price: Suggested: $1.29

    Special Price Our Price: $0.99

  • Blue Crepe Streamers - 81ft (Each)

    Blue Crepe Streamers - 81ft (Each)

    Regular Price: Suggested: $1.29

    Special Price Our Price: $0.99

Solid tableware

1-12 of 35

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Fresh Beat Party Supplies, Fresh Beat Band Favors

Maybe you’re a little tired of the Fresh Beat Band’s songs but your kids sure aren’t! If your little one loves the Fresh Beat Band, and you’re looking to make their birthday a little more special you have to consider adding some colorful Fresh Beat Band party supplies to your decorations. Hang them on your walls, decorate your tables and hand out Fresh Beat Band favors to your party guest. Let your party guests go bananas and throw your child a great birthday party with the help of these wonderful Fresh Beat Band party supplies!

Fresh Beat Band Birthday Party and Party Ideas

Do your kids “Go Bananas” for The Fresh Beat Band? Do they have a “Great Day” after watching an episode? Nickelodeon’s The Fresh Beat Band show centers around four spirited teenagers named Twist, Marina, Shout and Kiki who attend music school. As you might imagine the gang loves to dance and sing and generally have fun. Each episode features some minor problem that the group must figure out, and when they do, they’ll perform a song with lyrics about their solution.

First airing in 2009, The Fresh Beat Band has currently aired three seasons with a total of 40 episodes. Along with the teenage characters mentioned above, there are a number of other characters that make regular appearances. Among them are “Reed” the guitar player (owner of the music store), “Melody” the smoothie girl (owner of the Groovy Smoothie Shop), “Banjo” the dog, “The Junior Beats (four children singers and dancers who mimic the teenagers), and “Harper” the pizza guy (owner of the Pizza Café). Of course, lesser characters also appear on the show.

What Happened to the First Marina?

What you and your kids noticed that someone new was playing Marina? What happened to the Marina that starred on The Fresh Beat Band the first two seasons? Actress Shayna Rose left the show after season two to pursue other career options and to get married. She is currently working with an all-girl comedy skit site called Miss Funny.

Shayna was replaced by Actress Tara Perry who is most notable from her stint on the as The Movie Maven. While she has similar hair to the original Marina, we’re pretty much sure that no one, including the kids watching at home, was fooled by the change. Seriously though, as long as The Fresh Beat Band keeps singing, dancing and entertaining the youngsters, we doubt anyone will mind that too much.

Planning a Fresh Beat Band Birthday Party?

If you’re planning a Fresh Beat Band birthday party, be sure to give yourself plenty of time to coordinate everything. Birthday parties shouldn’t be rushed, and if you think things out ahead of time, you should have a successful celebration. Also, remember to include plenty of Fresh Beat party supplies for your big day!