French Party Supplies, French Party Favors

Bring a taste of Paris to your next celebration when you include our fantastic French party supplies! Decorate your festive affair with our sophisticated French plates, French napkins and other French styled tableware. Then, add some wonderful French decorations and French party favors to complete your party setting. Have a wonderful time at your French styled special occasion with the addition of all of our chic French party supplies.

French Party Food and Activity Ideas

One of the greatest tourist destinations worldwide - and a symbol of European sophistication - a French-themed birthday party is a great choice for a budding fashionista, an older child, or one who is particularly interested in the history of Western Europe. Some great ideas to bring a Continental feel to your child's party are:

French Croissants

Served with coffee (or hot cocoa for the younger set,) croissants are one of the most famous French culinary exports, and are a staple of coffeehouses worldwide. Croissants can be purchased from many different bakeries and coffee shops across the country, and Pillsbury's crescent rolls can prove to be a good, cost-effective option in many areas. You can also include a little trivia game about French cafe culture, asking the kids the English translation of terms like "cafe au lait."

French Fries and French Onion Soups

Although they were actually created in Belgium, french fries are a great way to show kids that "foreign" food isn't necessarily all that different from their normal diet. Known as "pommes frites" or "fried potatoes" in French, these interesting bits of trivia can turn a simple side dish into an educational experience. For a delicious soup that many smaller kids have never tasted, there are plenty of French onion soup recipes, pre-made mixes, and basic ingredients available at typical grocery stores. This rich and tasty stew can prove to be a great way to introduce kids to traditional French cuisine in an easy, fun, and painless manner!

Mini Tour de France

Since the "Tour de France" bicycle race is one of the most popular worldwide sporting events, you can ask the attending children to bring their bicycles along for a race around the block. The winner can receive a small treat or favor as a reward for their skill and effort!

Fashion Design

With the French capital of Paris having long been known as the epicenter of the fashion industry, provide some crayons, colored pencils, and some paper to the kids, and then have the party guests design their dream clothes. You can then have a mini "fashion show" once everyone has had a chance to finish their picture by having each child display their work in a show-and-tell style. Ask each child where their outfit is meant to be worn (formal or casual setting,) which seasons their clothes are meant to be worn in, and why they chose to design their particular creation. You're likely to get some interesting and enlightening responses!


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