Fashion Party Supplies

Fashion party supplies are a charming and enjoyable way to decorate your fashion themed celebration. Go ahead and be fashionably late for this party, but be sure to bring along your shoes, makeup and dress-up clothes. Everyone will love seeing your fashionable setup that’s decorated with the help of our attractive and fun fashion party supplies and fashion party favors.
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  • Aviator Sunglasses (12 Pack)

    Aviator Sunglasses (12 Pack)

    Regular Price: Suggested: $6.49

    Special Price Our Price: $5.99

  • Sunglasses Cupcake Picks (12 Pack)

    Sunglasses Cupcake Picks (12 Pack)

    Regular Price: Suggested: $2.99

    Special Price Our Price: $1.99

  • Metallic Blue Bead Necklaces (12 Pack)

    Metallic Blue Bead Necklaces (12 Pack)

    Regular Price: Suggested: $3.49

    Special Price Our Price: $2.99

  • Smiley Mini Bubbles (Each)

    Smiley Mini Bubbles (Each)

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  • Silver Bead Necklaces (12 Pack)

    Silver Bead Necklaces (12 Pack)

    Regular Price: Suggested: $2.49

    Special Price Our Price: $2.29

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5 Item(s)

Fashion Party Supplies, Fashion Party Decorations, Favors

Fashion Party Supplies are a great touch for your upcoming birthday party, dress-up get together or other celebration where fashion is involved. Our enjoyable fashion party favors are perfect for kick starting off a few exciting party activities, or for handing out to your visitors at the end of the day. Bring a little style and chic to your party decorations with the help of our fantastic fashion party supplies.

Fashion Birthday Party and Party Ideas

Who doesn’t enjoy a little glam in their life? Have your very own fashion party and give everyone the chance to live the high life and be fabulous!


Fancy Parfait: Let everyone feel fancy while eating a healthy fruit parfait. Simply get a clear cup and pour some granola bits into it. Add some yogurt and alternate layers until the cup is full. You can top the parfait off with some whipped cream and fruit like strawberries or bananas, the choice is up to you, and your guests will love it!

Pink Lemonade: If you are looking for a great drink for your fashion party, look no further than pink lemonade! You can make this fresh or from concentrate, but be sure that it is chilled and ready to serve. To make your own batch, mix in 2 cups of sugar and lemon juice with 9 cups of water and 1 cup of cranberry juice. Add another layer of “fancy” to the drink by having them on a serving tray with black straws to drink out of.


Walk the Runway: Impress everyone at the party by giving your guests a chance to walk the runway. Clear off a section of a room or yard so that everyone can sit and watch the fashion show. It is recommended that parents be in the audience while the kids model their favorite looks. If you tell everyone beforehand, they can bring their own clothes to the show and have costume-changes. You can even have the audience take pictures or video as each child walks the runway.

Make your own Accessories: No outfit would be complete without a few accessories. Let everyone get creative and give them the chance to create their own accessories. You can make bracelets, sunglasses, or even use some ribbon for your hair! Be sure to provide a big mirror so that all of your guests can see how they look after they have created their accessories. Everyone will truly understand how accessories can bring everything together when they experiment and have fun.

Fashion Shoot: Everybody is looking glamorous and having a good time, but how can you show everyone who didn’t get to make it? Provide everyone with a fun photo shoot where they can pose and show off their newly-acquired fashion tips. Each person can be their own director as you snap away with fun and sassy images.

Add an extra level of glam by having party supplies to impress everyone that attends your party. Fashion is all about knowing what works, and it wouldn’t be the same without the necessary supplies!


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