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Dress up your next birthday or other special occasion in doll style when you add our colorful and cute doll party supplies to your big day. Doll party favors, colorful tableware, doll party decorations and other fantastic party products will create an adorable party atmosphere wherever your party is held. Brighten up your get-together with the help of our charming doll party supplies.
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Doll Party Supplies, Doll Party Decorations, Doll Favors

Doll party supplies will brighten up your doll themed birthday party, sleepover, family night or other fun get-together. Set up your tables in colorful, matching tableware, hang doll styled decorations and hand out our adorable doll party favors to create a charming party scene. Make your special occasion a little more adorable and fun when you decorate it with our fabulous doll party supplies!

Doll Birthday Party Food and Activity Ideas

Since time immemorial, dolls have been a perennially beloved toy of little ones everywhere. Throwing a doll-themed party for your children is a great way to ensure a great time for all involved, and the options for incorporating these toys into nearly all aspects of the day's festivities are nearly endless. A few of our favorite ideas include:

Doll-Themed Cakes

If your child has a favorite doll that's also a popular character (such as Barbie, Raggedy Ann/Andy, Velveteen Rabbit, Mickey/Minnie Mouse, etc.,) finding a professional baker who can transfer the images of these pop culture icons onto a sheet cake is likely to be fairly easy. You may need to download and/or print out a specific image to use, so bear this in mind going forward. However, a cake with your child's favorite doll on it is sure to be a big hit!

Gingerbread Cookies

Part cookie, part doll, and all fun, gingerbread cookies are a classic favorite treat that can be enjoyed at parties year-round! If the little one for whom the party is being held doesn't care for gingerbread, the cookie cutters for these shapes are fairly easy to procure. Sugar cookies can substitute for the gingerbread quite nicely, and you can offer the kids in attendance the opportunity to decorate their own confection for an extra helping of fun!

Making Paper Dolls

Construction paper, scissors, and a little know-how can have the little ones in attendance making their own paper dolls – or you can teach them how to make a string of paper dolls holding hands from a single sheet of folded paper. This is an activity that can easily last an hour or two, so make sure that you budget your time accordingly!

Make A Cardboard Dollhouse

Ask each child to bring a shoebox or other small to medium sized box to work with. The box should be big enough for at least one figurine of the child's choice. Have the kids wallpaper the inside of their boxes with scrapbook paper, construction paper, and a glue stick, and offer to cut little “windows” in their house with an X-acto knife for them if necessary. Make sure that only grownups handle the sharp utility knives, and this can prove to be a terrific way to give all of the kids in attendance a new stage for their favorite toys – and can perhaps teach the wee ones a few DIY skills in the process!


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