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Coffee party supplies are the perfect way to enhance your next coffee get-together. What better way to decorate your upcoming event than with our coffee themed tableware, elegant disposable coffee cups, decorative napkins and other coffee party supplies and coffee party favors! From casual to fancy, our coffee party items will make your coffee occasion extra special.
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Coffee Party Supplies, Coffee Party Decorations

Looking for coffee party supplies to compliment your coffee themed occasion? Look no further. From casual coffee get-togethers to upscale events, our coffee themed tableware and accessories will add coffee class and decoration to any occasion. Spruce up your upcoming gathering with the help of all our fabulous coffee themed party items!

Coffee Party Food Ideas

For older kids – or those little ones with a more sophisticated palate – a coffee-themed party can be a terrific idea! While coffee parties tend to have a very grown-up connotation, there are plenty of ways to easily turn this original “energy drink” into a kid-friendly fiesta! Some of our favorite ideas on this point are:

Coffee Cake

Two main options exist for this type of confection when children are the target audience. First of all, the classic coffee cake -- which is generally less sweet than your average cake – is a good option for kids who aren't big fans of super-sugary foods. However, these cakes are often an acquired taste, and many kids may be disappointed with the lack of traditional icing, etc. that coffee cakes have. The second option is to make a traditional cake that uses coffee in the pastry, the icing, or both. Chocolate-covered espresso beans sprinkled on top of the icing can make this confection a truly irresistible one for just about anyone, whether they're coffee lovers or not!

Coffee Ice Cream/Dessert Coffees

If traditional hot coffee is unlikely to be a hit for the majority of your guests, try serving coffee-flavored ice cream as an alternative. Additionally, you can blend ice, sugar, coffee, chocolate syrup, and milk for a delightful treat that takes the bitter edge off of traditional coffees for a real crowd-pleaser! Plenty of blended coffee recipes can be found online, so take a look at what your local grocers may have to offer in order to create a sweet, drinkable confection at home.

Latte Art

If you have a cappuccino machine at home – or a milk-frothing tool – you can teach the kids some of the basics of elegant latte art. Find a YouTube video that shows you how to make some basic designs in the foam on top of a blended coffee drink, and have the children try their hands at creating something lovely and edible on their own. If the children wish to have seconds, ask if they'd like to try latte art of their own design for even more fun! If one of the children turns out to be particularly talented in this craft, ask them to show everyone how they go about creating their designs. This can be a fun and fantastic learning experience for all involved, and can really give certain kids a chance to shine!


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