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  • Smiley Mini Bubbles (Each)

    Smiley Mini Bubbles (Each)

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    Pinata Fillers - Favors & Candy (2 Lbs)

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Candyland Party Supplies, Candyland Party Favors, Decorations

Candyland has been a favorite boardgame for kids everywhere for decades. What better way to decorate a birthday party or game night than with these colorful and whimsical Candyland party decorations and other party products. Forget Chutes and Ladders, our Candyland party supplies are perfect for you and your boardgame themed gathering. Move over Monopoly, your Candyland party will be a sweet and charming hit with all your party guests.

Candyland Birthday Party and Party Ideas

Breathe life into this classic game by making it a fun party theme. Kids and adults alike are bound to love the fun activities and candy that they can eat as they relive some of their favorite Candyland moments.


Edible Candyland : Recreate the popular game by giving it a more edible version. Use graham crackers as the board pieces and hold it all together with some peanut butter while making your own unique path for the players. You can also use some colored icing to help differentiate each location, but the choice is up to you. Make some candy pieces for your players and let them roll the die and travel across Candyland. The winner gets to have the first piece of the board to eat, and then everyone can help clean up!

Colorful Drinks: Candyland is known for being as colorful as it is sweet. Provide refreshments for your guests with some brightly colored drinks. Clear cups will keep the theme alive, and there are plenty of fruit juices and types of punch available. You don’t have to have sugary drinks if you don’t want, as there are plenty of alternatives. If you want to brighten things up even more, you can add a little Food coloring to your drinks.


Guess the Candy in the Jar: People are naturally drawn to clear jars with lots of candy in them. Take advantage of their curiosity by making them guess how many pieces of candy are inside. Pick both big and small pieces so that everyone really has to get a good look. The person who is closest to the actual number can win all the contents! If you want to share the wealth, you can split the winnings into smaller treat bags and hand them out as well.

Decorate the Characters: Give children the chance to create their own unique Candyland characters. You can use simple gingerbread men for this activity, or bake some more unique shapes and figures. Provide lots of candy, icing, and sprinkles so that each character has their own characteristics. Kids can then use these pieces to play with, show off, or just take a bite out of!

Candyland is a game that has remained popular throughout the years, and having a party based off of it is sure to be a hit. Get all of the right party supplies for your party to make it a real treat!


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