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If you have a little gang of readers in your household, a book birthday party is a cute way to celebrate their big day. Our fun selection of book party supplies, book party favors (including a cool selection of bookmarks), reading styled decorations and other fun stuff will help make your special occasion even better. Celebrate the joy of reading with the help of our fantastic book party supplies!
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Book Party Supplies, Reading Party Supplies

Whether planning a book birthday party, a reading get-together, or some other special occasion involving books, you’ll love our colorful selection of book party supplies for your event. Dress up your occasion with reading themed decorations, book party favors and other adorable accents to create a fantastic book styled atmosphere. Whatever the reason for your gathering, you’ll love sprucing it up with all of our wonderful book party supplies!

Book Birthday Party Ideas

If you have a child who loves to read, a book-themed party can prove to be a great idea for any kid with a literary bent! Should your child love the library, have plenty of books that they love to look through, and enjoy learning new things of all kinds, our suggestions for a book-themed party include:

A Book Cake Is Easy

Since many cakes are rectangular in shape, these can be rather easy to decorate in order to look like a book. You can add a few horizontal lines across three of the cake edges to depict pages, and don't forget to add the title of the book to the remaining edge to resemble a book's “spine”. Add the book title and a flourish to the top of the cake, and this can prove to be a great and easy to make treat/centerpiece for a child's party.

Give Away a Book or Comic Book

A great way to incorporate the literary theme into a kid's party would be a book giveaway. Many age-appropriate books can be purchased rather cheaply – especially if they are out of copyright - but you can also opt to purchase comic books or activity/coloring books instead if your budget is getting a bit out of hand. You can make these books into simple party favors, or you can just buy a handful of them in order to give away as prizes – perhaps in a book trivia contest?

Kid's Lit Triva Game

Take the ages of the children attending the party into account, and create an age-appropriate trivia game with questions from classic and widely-read children's books. As mentioned above, you can make a book into the prize for the winning child, or you can opt for another small gift or favor (such as a candy bar) instead.

Create Your Own Story

Gather together enough crayons, markers, etc. for the kids to distribute fairly amongst themselves, and have several sheets of paper and pencils on hand for this project. You can then ask the children to write and illustrate their own stories, or you can separate the kids into groups for a collaborative effort. This latter option works particularly well when you have lots of kids who love to write but hate to draw, and vice-versa. You can then take turns reading the stories aloud to the kids in attendance, and be sure to show off the artwork as you turn the pages, too!


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