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Bird Party Supplies, Bird Party Tableware, Bird Decorations

Our vibrant bird party supplies are a great addition to your upcoming celebration. These colorful bird decorations, bird party favors, bird party tableware and other bird-themed party products are a wonderful addition to your outdoor party, birthday, summer party or other fun gathering. You and your guests will feel like you’re taking a walk in the woods with these fabulously decorated bird party supplies. Make your bird styled event a big success with the help of our fantastic bird party decorations and more!

Bird Birthday Party Ideas

A bid themed party is the best kind if you have a baby’s birthday coming up soon. Here are some tips that you can use while planning out the party for your child.

Nest Decorations

You might be throwing this little birthday for your baby and he is not going to remember any of it. The guests you have invited however are older and will remember the decorations and this is why you need to make sure you have something decent to show.

Start decorating your nest: A good idea for a birthday party of a baby under 3 is to have a timeline. Make a garland of your baby’s pictures from when he was born to this day and draw or print pictures on the background.

Centerpiece: When you have the bird theme, it is a good idea to create a homemade centerpiece. One of the many options that you can use is to buy yourself a plain wrought iron cage and light it up with a few candles. If however, cages are not your thing, take a few twigs, make a nest and fill it with plain balls of dough which will give a look of eggs in a nest.

Bird candles: A simple yet effective decoration piece would be a candle which has cut out shapes of different kinds of birds glued on it. Just be careful to place the shapes below the flame so that they don’t get burned.


Count the birds: The “count the birds” game is simple and fun for children who are under 10 years. The concept is that you need to get a large jar and fill it up with a mixture of plastic birds and sweets. Before putting them in, count the number of each item and then let the kids guess how many birds are in there. The child who has the closest number of the birds will go home with the gift pack.

Bird painting: You will find that there are many different kinds of clay birds that can be found in the market these days. Get your hands on a couple of these and give the kids some paint so that they can paint and create their own little bird.

Bird Food

Mingle and eat: Because you are throwing a party for the kids, it is a good idea to have finger food so that the children can eat as well as play. You can load the trays with things like deviled eggs, chicken wings and drumsticks.


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