Angel Cat Party Supplies, Angel Cat Sugar Balloons

Which Angel Cat is your favorite? Is it Sugar, Thyme, Parsley or Basil. Whoever your favorite Angel Cat character is, you’ll love decorating your next birthday party with our wonderful Angel Cat party supplies. Add an Angel Cat Sugar Balloon to your balloon mix, color up your tabletops with our vibrant tableware, spruce up your cupcakes with some charming cupcake rings and thank your guests for their attendance with our fantastic party favors. With our selection of Angel Cat party supplies, we’ve got exactly what you’re looking for.

Angel Cat Sugar Birthday Party Ideas

Bring home everyone’s favorite cartoon cat for a special day of fun on your child’s special day. Guests will be awestruck at your creativity and at the delicious Angel Cat Sugar inspired goodies served just for them.


Angel Cat Cake: Bring a new meaning to “Angel cake” by serving your child’s guests with a cake inspired by Angel Cat Sugar. Kids will love the bright colors and seeing one of their favorite cartoon characters on a sweet and delicious cake. You can use a cake topper or use icing to craft an Angel Cat Sugar face on the top of the cake.

Angel Cat Cupcakes: This is a combination of a treat and an activity which everyone will very much enjoy. Combining food and play is always a winner with kids. Give everyone a cupcake, some colorful icing, and some cool extras like sprinkles and M&Ms. Then, allow them to design their own interpretation of Angel Cat Sugar on their cupcake.

Angel Cat Sugar Sandwiches: Use Hello Kitty (Who is the similar shape to Angel Cat) cookie cutters to cut out shapes out of peanut butter and jam or cream cheese and jam sandwiches. Kids will love the design and the sandwiches will taste so good! They won’t even seem like regular PB&J sandwiches.


Angel Cat Balloons: Have everyone blow up Angel Cat Sugar balloons, or balloons that are light in color to match her theme. Allow each guest to choose their sticker to place on their balloon and then have a balloon passing activity, which is sure to encourage much laughter and fun.

Angel Cat Sugar Coloring: Give each child a page from an Angel Cat Sugar coloring book and lots of crayons. Everyone will love giving color to the page with Angel Cat on it. Have them write their name so they can take it home and show their families.

Hot Cat: Inspired by “Hot Potato”, have everyone sit in a circle. Then, pass around a stuffed Angel Cat Sugar to a fun song. When the music stops, the guest holding the cat are “out”, but there is a twist. The kids that are out get to say one of their favorite Angel Cat Sugar quotes rather than sit out for the rest of the game. This will promote some sweet Angel Cat Sugar spirit rather than give off a sour vibe, right?


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