Aladdin Birthday Party Ideas

Adapted for the screen from a classic Arabian Nights tale, Disney's Aladdin has proven to be a perennially popular children's movie for the past generation. With plenty of exciting characters that have captured the imagination of little ones worldwide, an Aladdin themed birthday party is sure to be a hit! Some excellent ideas to get the party started include:

Aladdin Cupcakes

If you can find small figures or faces of various characters in the movie that can stand firmly on top of a cupcake, you can simply make (or buy) a large batch of your favorite cupcake flavors, add the characters your child likes best once the frosting has set, and you're sure to have a fun party treat! If you're unable to find suitable figures or images for this purpose, you can simply use different icing colors to symbolize various characters from the movie. For example, red can symbolize Aladdin, violet for Princess Jasmine, blue for the Genie, orange icing for Rajah the tiger, and so forth. You can usually do this quite easily with food coloring.

Treasure Hunt in the Castle

One of the central themes of the movie involves the search for gold, treasure, and of course, the genie's lamp. Before the party starts, hide an Aladdin-themed item somewhere in the house, and design either a treasure map or series of hints to give the children a clue as to where the “treasure” might be hidden. Once someone finds the item, they can be rewarded with a small favor of your choice.

Re-enact a Scene from Aladdin

Have the kids lightheartedly act out a scene or scenes from the movie. You can also help them to portray various characters with the help of a few Aladdin styled party favors or props. You don’t have to go crazy with full-fledged costumes, but a simple veil or play sword can go a long way with the help of a child's imagination! Of course, make sure that the re-enactment doesn’t get too out of hand, and be sure to give each child the opportunity to participate meaningfully. To keep things fair, you can have the kids draw the names of different characters to portray out of a hat or some such thing. Keep in mind that this idea may be better suited for an outdoor play environment - with adult supervision of course – and that any props used as weapons (such as swords) from the movie are safe for the kids to wield.


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