Fancy Fairy Party Supplies & Birthday Decorations

Fairy party supplies are a great way to let your little girl show off her love of fairies at her birthday party or other get-togethers! Turn your house into a magical wonderland with this fantastical assortment of fairy-themed plates, cups, napkins, favors, decorations, balloons and other fun items. Make any celebration a mystical one when you add these elegant and fun fairy party supplies!
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  • Fancy Nancy Dinner Plates - 9in (8 Pack)

    Fancy Nancy Dinner Plates - 9in (8 Pack)

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  • Smiley Mini Bubbles (Each)

    Smiley Mini Bubbles (Each)

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Fairy Birthday Party, Fairy Party Supplies

One of the best summer activities I did with my daughters was when I built them their own fairy house. After it was complete, they would leave notes for the fairies and the fairies would magically leave their own notes in return. It was all very cute and fun watching them decorate the house for the fairies, leave them water and really use their imaginations. If your children love fairies as much as mine do, you may want to decorate their next birthday party with some charming and colorful fairy party supplies. They’re a fun addition to any celebration.

Fairy Birthday Party Ideas

Has your little girl always wanted to be a fairy? Make your little princess’s party both memorable and magical with a whimsical fairy theme. You can bring the land of the fairies right to your own home with these simple and fun ideas.


Cookie Wands: Everyone will feel like a real fairy princess and they will have a sweet treat, too. Use star-shaped cookies and place them on sticks to instantly create a lovely cookie wand. They might not last long, though! But even when the cookies are eaten, the little fairies can still use their wands.

Fresh Fruit Salad: Create a fruit fairy-friendly concoction by making a fruit salad full of colorful, fresh fruits. It will be so delicious, that the kids won’t mind that it’s healthy.

“Fairytopia” Cake: Bring some fairy flair to a traditional cake mix. Decorate your child’s favorite cake flavor with pink icing. Top the cake with icing flowers with a pretty fairy topper. It is sure to be the main attraction at the snack table before all of the little fairies dig in and enjoy their own slice of cake and strawberry icing. It is a snack only a fairy could be worthy of.


Decorate Fairy Wings: Set up gauge wire, tulle, and flowers at a table or a “station” and then have each child decorate her own fairy wings. This is sure to be a party favorite and they can take their unique creation home once the day is over. They can be a fairy whenever they want with their own pair of wings.

Fairy Photo Shoot: Use a little bit of fairy dust to brush on each child’s face, have everyone wear their own fairy wings, top their head with flowers or with a pretty crown, and then have everyone get together for a picture together. Give each child a copy of the group picture to take home before they go. They will be able to remember their special day as a fairy princess for years to come.

Fairy Treasure Hunt: It is time for some adventure. Create a treasure map before the party and then scatter some unique and fun prizes for your little fairies to discover. Give them the treasure map and then have them work together to find all of the hidden treasures. The little fairies will be sure to have fun on their very own treasure hunt adventure while learning how to work together as a team.


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