eXtreme Party Activity Sheets (For 12)

eXtreme Party Activity Sheets (For 12)

eXtreme Party Activity Sheets (For 12)


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Looking for a fun party activity for the little ones? These cool eXtreme Party Activity Sheets offer a fun, safe activity that will bring kids and adults together. These cool sheets have four half-pipe ramps and a total of 12 sporty skaters and bikers to cut out and play with. Afterwards, you can decorate party tables and other surfaces for your eXtreme event with these cool biker models! Kit includes 3 large sheets, with four cutouts and 12 figurines per sheet. Tape/scissors not included. (for 12 guests)

To Assemble:

  1. Cut out each skater, biker and ramp figure on the included sheet.
  2. Fold in the sides of the ramp figure and bend the top down so that the figure forms a bike ramp. Tape the ramp together to secure it.
  3. To create standup biker/skater figures, cut out a small strip of the included paper, about 1.5 inches in length. Fold the strip in half and form an upside-down "V". Tape one side to the back of the skater/biker figure and use the other side to stand figures up on a flat surface.

A few helpful tips:

  1. Adult supervision is recommended.
  2. For easier cutting, use small, child-sized scissors.
  3. When cutting out the biker/skater figures, an easy method is to cut the general figures out of the larger sheet. This will allow you to be able to turn the figure as you're cutting and follow the contours better.


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