Dora the Explorer Party Supplies & Birthday Decorations

Put on your backpack, grab your map, and let’s go exploring with our fabulous Dora Party Supplies! Your party guests will love going on an adventure with Dora and her friends. Who’s coming along you ask? Well, there’s Dora (of course), Boots, Tico and, yes, even Swiper are invited along when you decorate your special day with these fun Dora Birthday Supplies. Unfortunately, this theme is discontinued and no longer available. Check out our other girl party supplies here.
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  • Plastic Treasure Maps (Each)

    Plastic Treasure Maps (Each)

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    Special Price Our Price: $2.99

  • Monkey Key Chains (12 Pack)

    Monkey Key Chains (12 Pack)

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Dora the Explorer Party Supplies

Swiper, Dora and Boots are here to help your little one celebrate her special day! Our large selection of Dora the explorer tableware, favors and decorations will help make your next occasion as perfect as possible.

Dora's Backstory

Dora first aired back in 1999 and became a regular series, quickly gaining traction in 2000. Created by Chris Gifford, Valerie Walsh and Eric Weiner, the show airs on Nick Jr. and, up until 2006, CBS.
Dora's name was derived from the Spanish term "Exploradora", meaning "female explorer". Dora enjoys baseball and soccer and in every episode embarks on a quest to do some sort of good deed. Dora involves at-home viewers by asking for help or for them to help her see things she needs to know.
Dora has many friends, namely Boots the monkey. He rides along in her Backpack (another friend) and is always by her side. Dora's cousin, Diego, was more recently introduced and sometimes accompanies Dora in her quests.

Dora Main Characters

Of course you already know Dora, so let's quickly run through some other favorites from the show:

- Boots the Monkey: As mentioned above, Dora's companion and best friend

- Swiper the Fox: A sneaky fox, Swiper's main role is to attempt to take items that are key to the completion of Dora's quests, hence the name "Swiper". In order to stop him, Dora and viewers must repeat "Swiper, no swiping!" three times in succession.

- Diego: Also mentioned above, Diego is Dora's animal-rescuer cousin. He appeared in several Dora episodes to help her, then got his own series called "Go, Diego, Go!" in September of 2005. He spends most of his time saving animals and hanging out with his friend Baby Jaguar.

- Backpack: Backpack is, quite literally, a talking backpack. She houses all of Dora's quest items and was a gift from Dora's parents.

- Map: You guessed it...Dora's map! This talking map provides guidance and clues for Dora and Boots as they embark on their various journeys. He is revealed when at-home viewers say his name.

Dora the Explorer Birthday Party

Plan ahead for this one; there are so many fun things you can do! Set up trails, give clues or keys, have kids "explore" the house or back yard and complete small quests. Hand out prizes for winners and participants. As far as party favors, consider small plastic maps, knapsacks, baby foxes and more. Your Dora the Explorer birthday party will be an incredible adventure with the help of some planning and all our adorable Dora party supplies!


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