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Journey across time at your next celebration with everyone’s favorite Time Lord, Doctor Who with these fantastic Doctor Who Party Supplies! Take your TARDIS on travels through different times and dimensions as you thwart the plans of the Daleks, the Cyberman, The Master and other diabolical villains. Don’t just have an ordinary party, have an amazing Doctor Who birthday party!
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Doctor Who Party Supplies, Doctor Who Party Favors

Brace yourself for some wibbily wobbly timey wimey good times with our fun Doctor Who party supplies! Whether you’re in need of your very own cool Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver or looking for a life-sized TARDIS to lead you off on dimensional adventures, you’ll love our cool selection of Doctor Who party favors and other Doctor Who birthday party supplies. Explore the limits of time and space at your next celebration with the help of our fantastic Doctor Who party selection!

A Little Bit About the Doctor Who TV Show

Doctor Who first aired on the British Broadcasting Company (BBC) on November 23, 1963. It was originally meant to appeal to a wide, family audience and as an educational program about the science around the idea of time travel. In fact, The Mutants, a script written for the series in 1963, was initially rejected due to the introduction of the Daleks and Thals because the show’s producers wanted nothing to do with any “bug eyed monsters”. However, they were forced to air The Mutants when the show became a hit and they ran short of scripts. The public loved the monstrous Daleks and they became a regular part of the show.

Doctor Who ran for 26 straight seasons until production of the show paused in 1989 before a possible 27th season. While Doctor Who would appear with new material in books, audio plays and even a TV movie, it would not return as a regular series again until 2005. It was in March of that year that Doctor Who was relaunched with the episode “Rose”. Unlike many other tv shows that are suspended for a time, the story continued on from where it left off in 1989.

Who is Doctor Who?

Doctor Who is essentially a highly intelligent alien time traveler who explores time and space while battling injustice. Initially, Doctor Who was very mysterious, but over time we have learned much about him. As the series went on, he became less sinister and more caring. It was also learned that he was running from his fellow companions (known as the Time Lords) who, like Doctor Who, came from the planet Gallifrey.

Occasionally, Doctor Who will regenerate and/or change his appearance. This has allowed for a number of different actors to play Doctor Who throughout the years. In fact, there have been 12 different incarnations of Doctor Who (not counting special appearances by Doctor Who from different times in a sort of guest role) since the series began.

Planning a Doctor Who Party?

Planning a Doctor Who birthday party, viewing party or some other Doctor Who themed event? If so, then turn your ordinary get-together into an exciting time-traveling bash with the addition of our Doctor Who party favors, decorations and matching tableware. Have a wonderful time and help make your party a huge success with the help of our fantastic Doctor Who party supplies!


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