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While chairs (and chair covers) are commonplace everywhere today, throughout most of our history chairs were reserved for dignified occasions and heads of state. They were often used as emblems of power or authority. For example, what’s a king’s throne, if not a fancy chair?

For centuries, the poorer classes usually only had stools, benches, or chests to sit on in their daily routines. (Seriously, if you ever forget how comparatively easy life is today versus hundreds of years ago, don’t forget that many of our descendants considered the chair to be a luxury. And, these luxurious chairs of yesteryear weren’t like your Lazy Boys of today. Oh no, the high cost chairs of long ago were probably lucky to have a little leather on them to soften them a bit from the hard wood underneath. No wonder people’s life expectancy was so short). It wasn’t until the Renaissance that the chair became more affordable for some and quickly lost its privileged station. Later, design and ergonomics gained importance in regard to chair construction.

Today, the chair has achieved countless styles of form and function. From a common kitchen chair to a recliner to the S chair designed by Vernon Panton, chairs and chair covers are commonplace. Sure doesn’t make you long for the days of the stool, does it?