Bug Party Party Supplies & Birthday Decorations

Bug Party Supplies are a super fun way to decorate your birthday party, family night, movie get-together or other special occasion. These extremely cute bug decorations, bug tableware, bug party favors and other charming bug birthday supplies will turn your party into a bug extravaganza. Bring smiles to all your guests with these wonderfully adorable bug party supplies!
Our adorable bug tableware, party favors and decorations can accessorize birthday parties, but they're also great for things like boy and girl scouts, camping events, picnic and other outdoor celebrations. Everyone will fall in love with the big-eyed bug confidently perched on the leaves of our bug party supplies!
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  • Bug Stickers (1 Sheet)

    Bug Stickers (1 Sheet)

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    Special Price Our Price: $1.99

  • Bug Party Signs - 12in x 18in (Each)

    Bug Party Signs - 12in x 18in (Each)

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    Special Price Our Price: $2.47

  • Bug Clickers (12 Pack)

    Bug Clickers (12 Pack)

    Regular Price: Suggested: $4.99

    Special Price Our Price: $3.99

Solid tableware

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Bug Party Supplies, Bug Party Decorations

Bug party supplies will make your bug-themed party a bugtastic one! Was that too many bug references in one sentence? Probably, but we’re extremely enthusiastic about our adorable bug plates, cups, napkins, stickers, bug favors and all of the other cool bug birthday supplies available to you. Make your bug birthday party extravaganza (there we go again!) a fantastic one that all your party guests will love with the help of all of our wonderful bug party supplies!

Bug Decorations, Activities and Food Ideas

If your child’s birthday is coming up and you have no idea what to do, your best option is to follow a theme. One that's sure to get all the children excited is the bug theme. This is a theme that can be used with both boys and girls; who doesn't love bugs?

Bug Decorations

Bug-shaped balloons: Before you plan out what the guests are going to be eating and doing at your bug birthday party, you need to decorate your house for the occasion. If you live in a house, you can tie some bug-shaped or Ladybugs Mylar Balloons outside your home to correctly direct your guests.

Bug banners: A new and unique idea is to hang banners or streamers from the ceiling. You can either buy posters or get creative and make them yourself. You can also scatter some bug confetti and plastic bugs on tables and floors to get more into the bug birthday party mood.

Bug Activities

Bug caps: All the children at the party need something to do other than eat, right? You need to make sure you have some fun activities lined up. One fun suggestion the kids pour their energy into is creating bug hats! Give each kid a hat or cap, some glue and bug-shaped papers. Have the kids glue the bugs to the hats, and make sure you allot the hats time to try before they're worn.

Bug games: A fun game idea for your bug party is "bug charade". Similar to word-guessing, one child or group of children acts like a certain bug and the rest have to guess what the bug is.

Bug Food

Ants on a log: A highly popular idea for your bug-themed event is an ants-on-a-log appetizer. This is a simple dish to make; you can even get the kids involved! All you need to do is slice a celery stick in the length-wise in the center, fill it with peanut butter and add raisins.

Bug pizza: Pizza is a dish that every little creature at the party will love. To give the pizza a "buggy" appearance, create tarantulas and spiders out of pepperoni and olives by cutting the olives in 8 pieces and placing the pieces on a pepperoni slice.

Bug sweets: Bug cakes are available everywhere these days, so order one and let the children enjoy a yummy themed treat. You can even spice up the juice a bit by adding small plastic bugs to the water in ice cube trays before freezing it.


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