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Teen Titans Party Supplies, Teen Titans Party Decorations

Teen Titans party supplies are an exciting way to bring your favorite teen superheroes home to your birthday party. Whether you’re an old school fan of the first Teen Titans composing of Robin, Aqualad and others, or prefer the newer version with the likes of Kid Devil and Ravager, we’ve got something for you. Have a wonderful time on your big day with the help of all our fantastic Teen Titans party supplies and Teen Titans party decorations!

Teen Titans Birthday Party and Party Ideas

The Teen Titans comic book and cartoon characters are unique in this type of superhero genre in a number of different ways. First of all, the Teen Titans don't have alter-egos; they live as superheroes full time. Their ages set them apart from the general pack of superheroes as well; many kids see either very young children or full adults as the protagonists in a given story; the adolescent Teen Titans add an interesting twist to that mix. The Teen Titans comic books and cartoon series has garnered a strong following and any kid who loves the characters should be thrilled with a themed party in their honor. Some great ideas for a Teen Titans party are:

Teen Titans Cupcakes

There are five different Teen Titans, and using cupcakes to symbolize each one can be a wonderfully unique way to bring them to your table. Buy or bake your favorite cupcakes, and you can then make or ask for different frosting shades in order to symbolize each of the main characters. Make sure that there are plenty of these cupcakes to go around, because they're likely to be a great success!

Teen Titans Cookies

In the same vein as above, you can opt to bake a batch of cookies that can be easily frosted with different shades to symbolize the characters in question. This is a great alternative for kids who aren't big fans of cakes in general, and you can also have the kids frost their own cookies with their favorite character's signature shade.

Teen Titans Viewing Party

You can ask the kids to sit down and watch an episode or two of Teen Titans in order to ensure that everyone's familiar with the heroes and villains. Make sure that there are plenty of refreshments for everyone, and this can be a great way to ensure that everyone knows about the main heroes and villains for the next activity.

Teen Titans Storytime

Ask the kids to pick their favorite Teen Titan, and to then write their own Teen Titans story with themselves in a lead role. Offer plenty of pencils, paper, and crayons to the kids, and ask them to draw a picture to illustrate a scene or two from their tale. This is a great way to enhance the creativity of these little minds, and the kids can take turns reading their own stories aloud to the others when everyone is done.

Teen Titans Go TV Show

Teen Titans Go! is a comedic spin off of the regular Teen Titans superhero characters. Teen Titans Go! has all of the usual Teen Titans characters, but they are all more extreme version. Robin is portrayed as power-mad, insecure (due to a lack of superhero powers), and arrogant. He’s also a perfectionist and more serious about the crime fighting aspect of the team than the others.

The other characters are also extreme versions of their typical superhero alter-egos. Raven is almost always serious and loves being miserable. Beast Boy is an annoying prankster with an almost irritating surfer style way of speaking. Cyborg’s biggest concern is eating (pizza) and playing video games. Starfire is a bit of an outsider (due to her alien upbringing) and is almost always in a good mood.

Teen Titans Go often places the characters in a number of out of the ordinary situations for comedic effects. Teen Titans Go! appeals to a younger audience and has been well received, although it has been known to annoy fans of the original Teen Titans superheroes due to its non-serious nature.


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