Sock Monkey Party Supplies

Sock Monkey party supplies are inspired by this classic kids\' toy that has been delighting children for generations. Monkey around with these colorful, cute, primate-inspired party supplies to set the perfect party scene! Your guests are sure to go bananas at your birthday party or other celebration when they see these fun and classic sock monkey themed items.
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  • Monkey Party Thank You Notes (8 Pack)

    Monkey Party Thank You Notes (8 Pack)

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  • Monkey Key Chains (12 Pack)

    Monkey Key Chains (12 Pack)

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  • Monkey Pinatas (Each)

    Monkey Pinatas (Each)

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Sock Monkey Party Supplies, Sock Monkey Party Ideas

Sock Monkey party supplies should always be the first step in planning your perfect Sock Monkey birthday party. Have a great time decorating your party tables with this colorful Sock Monkey tableware, decorations, favors and other party items. Make your Sock Monkey party a fun and exciting one with the help of our cute and colorful Sock Monkey party supplies!

Sock Monkey Party Games

Make your own Sock Monkey Puppet: This may be an obvious idea, but one every child would love. Here are some suggestions for making a sock monkey puppet kids can do all on their own. No sewing machine required!
1. Each child will need one sock. It works best with socks that have different colored toes and heels.
2. It may help to mark where the eyes, nose, mouth and ears so the kids can glue them on easier.
3. Use wiggly eyes for the sock puppet’s eyes, and use fabric glue to place them on.
4. For the hair, use yarn to glue on with fabric glue.
5. For the nose, use cotton balls.
6. For monkey ears and mouth, cut them out of felt and glue on with fabric glue.
7. For young children, let them use markers to color on the features of their puppet.

Put on a Puppet Show: Children are so imaginative that they would have a blast putting on their own puppet show. All you need a large cardboard box and a handful of creative kids.
1. Once you have a large box, cut out a portion of the back where kids would sit to perform the show.
2. In the front of the box, cut out a rectangle about six inches from the top of the box. Make sure there’s enough room for two children to perform the
3. Before they begin, let them decorate the theater! Just give them markers or crayons and let them go!
4. If needed, give them ideas for their puppet show. And watch the magic begin!

Read a Sock Monkey Book: Sock monkeys have been around for so long, there are even children’s books! Read a Sock Monkey book to the children at the party. It’s great for right after eating, or filling in time before another activity!

Sock Monkey Party Food

Banana Milkshakes: A yummy (and easy) treat for a sock monkey party! Here’s how to make them:
1. Put 4 scoops of vanilla ice cream, 1 cup of cold milk, 1 banana cut into chunks and 1 tbsp. of vanilla extract into a blender.
2. Cover and blend on high until the shake is in the desired consistency.
3. Serve to starving children!

Animal Crackers: Leave a bowl of animal crackers out for the day for children to snack on. It’s the perfect touch for your sock monkey party!

We wish you the best and hope you have a wonderful time planning and hosting your Sock Monkey party. We hope you and your guests have a fantastic time, and don’t forget to include our colorful and fun Sock Monkey party supplies to make your event a little easier and a little more fun.


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