Sheriff Party Supplies

Sheriff party supplies and sheriff party favors are a wonderful complement to western-style parties, police-themed celebrations, birthdays and more. You’ll have a great time dressing up the party with our exciting sheriff party decorations, and your guests will love seeing these fun sheriff party items. Have a blast on your big day with the addition of our fantastic sheriff party supplies!
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  • Sheriff Badges (4 Pack)

    Sheriff Badges (4 Pack)

    Regular Price: Suggested: $4.99

    Special Price Our Price: $3.99

  • Sheriff Badges (Each)

    Sheriff Badges (Each)

    Regular Price: Suggested: $1.49

    Special Price Our Price: $0.79

  • Child Sheriff Hats (Each)

    Child Sheriff Hats (Each)

    Regular Price: Suggested: $2.49

    Special Price Our Price: $1.99

  • Smiley Mini Bubbles (Each)

    Smiley Mini Bubbles (Each)

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Solid tableware

4 Item(s)

Sheriff Party Supplies, Sheriff Birthday Party, Sherriff Favors

There’s a new sheriff in town! Our sheriff party supplies, sheriff party favors, sheriff decorations and other sheriff favorites are a great way to decorate your little sheriff’s big day. Add in some colorful matching tableware, police and western-themed items and voila! You’ve got the perfect party setup. Make your celebration even more special with the help of our fantastic sheriff party supplies!

Sheriff Roles and Responsibilities

Did you know that the word “sheriff” comes from a contraction of the term “shire reeve”? This term in turn comes from the Old English word “scirgerefa”, which designated an official with the task of keeping the peace (a “reeve”) in a specific area, county or shire. The word eventually spread from England to Scotland, Ireland and the United States. Throughout the years, the specific roles of a sheriff have varied a great deal from country to country, county to county and city to city. An example of how the roles can vary greatly is seen in Scotland (where the sheriff is a judge) and England (where the sheriff is a ceremonial position today).

Sheriffs in the United States

In the United States, the position of sheriff can vary tremendously from state to state and county to county. Typically, a sheriff serves as the arm of particular county or parish, but sometimes the sheriff can serve as the enforcement arm of a city and/or city jail. Sheriffs usually perform court duties such as court administration, court security, prisoner transport, and overseeing the serving process.

One aspect of the sheriff that is fairly unique to the United States is the election of our sheriffs. The election of sheriffs is primarily an American tradition. The U.S. sheriff (sometimes called a marshal) usually swears in a law enforcement officer (or officers) as a “sheriff’s deputy”. The bigger the police force, the more divisions of deputies a locale will have. In some counties, a sheriff may even be responsible for collecting taxes from the populace.

Depending on the state and county, a sheriff’s role may have been greatly reduced over the years with the state (and sometimes city) police taking on more and more of the enforcement responsibility. However, in some jurisdictions, the sheriff remains the primary law enforcement officer. There are also states like Connecticut that have eliminated sheriffs altogether.

Planning a Sheriff Birthday Party?

Planning a Sheriff-themed birthday party? Take a look at our fantastic selection of sheriff party supplies and exciting sheriff decorations. Grab our sheriff badges and deputize all your party guests, decorate your party tables with our sheriff tableware, and even decorate your cake with our colorful sheriff cake decorations for a day of ultimate fun! Make your day special for your little one, and be sure to plan your birthday setup with the help of all of our wonderful sheriff party supplies.


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