Pirates of the Caribbean

Pirates of the Caribbean Party Supplies, Pirates of the Caribbean Birthday Party

Pirates of the Caribbean party supplies are inspired by the incredible Disney movie series. Pirates of the Caribbean movies have been delighting kids and adults alike since the first one was released, nearly ten years ago! So start planning a Pirates of the Caribbean party for your little buccaneer!

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Pirates of the Caribbean Party Ideas

All your mates will be on board with a Pirates of the Caribbean party:

Pirate Costume Relay: Gather together some old dresses and men’s work shirts to put together a treasure trove of costumes for a costume relay. Divide guests into two teams, and each teammate must race to the treasure chest, put on the full costume, run back, then give the costume to the next shipmate. The winning team should be a crew of fully dressed pirates.

Scavenger Treasure Hunt: Devise your own treasure hunt, giving your guests a map of your backyard (or house) with clues to different treasures, like chocolate gold coins and colorful beads.

Jolly Roger Dance Party: Play Caribbean theme music for a rousing game of musical chairs. Choose from reggae hits or calypso style music for a real island adventure.

Capture the Flag: Divide the party into two teams and first have them paint their own pirate flag on a piece of white muslin fabric. Then start the game with each team trying to capture the other team’s flag. Each player tagged has to join the opposite team.

Party Food

Pirate Punch: For the perfect Caribbean mocktail, blend together sweet fruit juice with seltzer – think strawberry and mango or cranberry and orange juice for a fun fruit punch.

Black Pearl Cupcakes: Whip up a batch of mini vanilla cupcakes topped with chocolate icing and sugary fondant black pearls.

Shrimp skewers: Serve some delicious seafaring treats with grilled skewers of shrimp and pineapple.

Fish bowls: Make sure you have various snack bowls of fun goldfish treats, including cheesy goldfish, pretzel goldfish and colorful goldfish crackers.