Pinocchio Party Supplies

Our Pinocchio party supplies will bring the charming story of Pinocchio, Geppetto and other memorable Pinocchio characters home to your special occasion. When you wish upon a star birthday magic can help, especially with the help of our Pinocchio styled decorations, Pinocchio party favors and more. Have a great time at your big day with the addition of our fantastic Pinocchio party supplies!
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Pinocchio Party Supplies, Pinocchio Birthday Party, Decorations

Pinocchio Party Supplies are here! Celebrate your birthday party, movie night or other fun family occasion with everyone’s favorite wooden little boy. Mix and match our colorful tableware with our Pinocchio decorations, Pinocchio favors and other charming birthday items. Bring the exciting world of Geppetto, Pinocchio, the Blue Fairy and more home to your celebration with the help of our wonderful assortment of Pinocchio Party Supplies!

Pinocchio Birthday Party and Party Ideas

This beloved tale of a wooden marionette come to life as a little boy with a cricket for a conscience is one that has been wildly popular with children worldwide since Disney's adaptation of the original Italian novel came to life over half a century ago. There are plenty of ways to have a fun Pinocchio party for your children, and a few of the best options are as follows:

Pinocchio Sundaes

Grab some pretzel sticks, candies, and licorice, and give the children a scoop of ice cream and an inverted sugar cone "hat" in a dish. A pretzel stick for Pinocchio's long wooden nose is a great starting point, and adding other candies to symbolize the eyes and mouth of this fun little character is a fantastic way to bring this little wooden boy to life in an edible form.

Pinocchio Cake

If you're handy with cake decorating skills at home, you may be able to draw a good likeness of Pinocchio on a cake for your child. Pretzel sticks or round pizzele treats make a good 3D substitute for Pinocchio's most famous feature, and you can have all sorts of fun creating this character on a confection. Alternatively, plenty of bakeries can screen an edible image of Disney's Pinocchio onto a sheet cake for you as well, so decide which option works best for you. Either way, your Pinocchio cake is likely to be a great success!

Book vs. Movie Trivia

The actual "Pinocchio" tale is a fairly long novel for most little kids, so few of them are familiar with the original story. There are a number of liberties taken with the original source material in the Disney version, and reading the novel oneself - or searching online for some of the more glaring discrepancies - can yield a heap of interesting results. For instance, Jiminy Cricket lives happily ever after in the Disney film. By contrast, his literary counterpart is squashed by Pinocchio at the end. Tell the kids some of the most interesting and surprising trivia about the book vs. the movie, and then ask them each to tell you which of these facts they found most interesting.

Make Your Own Adaptation

Knowing the discrepancies between the book and the movie, ask the kids how they might have changed any aspect of either version of Pinocchio if it were up to them. Give them each some crayons and paper, and have them write a few lines about what they might change about the story as well as drawing a picture to illustrate their thoughts.

Pinocchio Party Supplies for Your Pinocchio Birthday Party!

You don’t want to find yourself with a wooden and boring party. Liven up your Pinocchio themed get-together with a host of our wonderful Disney and Pinocchio party supplies. Grace your gathering with colorful Pinocchio decorations, themed party favors, colorful plates and napkins and other party essentials. Our party supplies don’t lie. You’ll make a great party even better with our fantastic selection of Pinocchio party supplies!


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