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Planning an outdoor themed special occasion? Why not decorate your outdoor gathering with our attractive outdoor party supplies? Our outdoor tableware, decorations and more will lend a sense of nature and decoration to your outdoor setting. Make your outdoor celebration a little more fun and colorful with the help of our wonderful outdoor party supplies!
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Outdoor Party Supplies, Outdoor Party Decorations

Our outdoor party supplies will add a wonderful outdoor touch to your outdoor get-together. Whether planning a campout, picnic, barbecue, shower or other outdoor themed occasion, you and your guests will love these wonderfully designed plates, napkins, cups, decorations and other outdoor party items. Spread the warmth at your outdoor gathering with the addition of these fantastic outdoor party supplies!

Outdoor Birthday Party and Party Ideas

The great outdoors of all climates have proven to be a fantastic playground in general since the beginning of time, and having a particularly active child often means that an outdoor-themed party is likely to be a big hit! While large backyards are not necessarily a given for many kids, there are plenty of ways to hold an outdoor-themed party in just about any environment, urban or rural.

Gummy Worms and Bug Juice

Gummy worms are a favorite treat of many children, and are a way to bring a basic element of agriculture and fertile soil to the table in a fun and appetizing way. It should also be noted that red, sugary drinks like Kool-Aid have often been called "bug juice" at summer camps for decades now, and serving these beverages to the kids - while explaining that no bugs are actually in the juice itself - is a surefire way to please even the pickiest eater!

Outdoorsy Cakes

Ask your child what their favorite type of nature scene might be. Is it a tropical island? A forest full of piney trees? A wide-open field? These are all fairly general themes that can usually be depicted quite easily on a sheet cake, so call around to various bakeries in your area in order to see if any can assist you in fulfilling this type of request.

Outdoor Games

If you don't have a backyard handy, have the party in a nearby park. Plenty of public parks throughout the country feature playgrounds, and even a park with no pre-existing playthings can prove to be a wonderful way to experience the best of nature in a fun and exciting way. Simple games like tag or kickball can be played with minimal or no equipment needed, and having the kids run around a yard, park, or field can prove to be plenty of fun on its own! Remember to have the kids dress appropriately for the weather, and make sure that plenty of sunscreen is on hand!

Local Wildlife Trivia

Determine the most common types of flora and fauna in your area, and then create a list of trivia questions relating to the subject. You can play a trivia game based on these facts, or you can opt to simply review some of the most commonly found plants and animals with the kids ahead of time. Once everyone is outside, ask them if they see any of the wild plants and animals that were discussed earlier in the day. This is a great, fun way to create a hands-on learning experience!


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