Octonauts Party Supplies

Take to the depths of the sea with the help of our fantastic Octonauts party supplies! You and your guests will love inviting Barnacles, Kwazii, Peso, Professor Inkling, Shellington, Tweak and all of the other Octonauts along for your Octonauts birthday party. Prepare for a day of underwater adventure with the help of all of our charming Octonauts party supplies.
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Octonauts Party Supplies, Octonauts Party Favors, Octonauts Decorations

Prepare for adventure and fun on your big day with the addition of our wonderful Octonauts party supplies. Jacques Cousteau meets Star Trek with our terrific Octonauts party favors, Octonauts decorations, matching plates and cups and other fun party items. You and your guests will love the underwater possibilities when you add our fantastic Octonauts party supplies to your birthday party or other celebration!

What is the Octonauts?

First airing in the UK in 2010, the Octonauts are a fun band of underwater explorers who reside under the sea in their base, the Octopod. From their base, the Octonauts explore the surrounding oceans with the help of their exciting fleet of underwater vehicles. The show has a sci-fi (think Star Trek) feel with the adventurers encountering various marine animals instead of aliens.

Who Are the Octonauts?

The Octonauts consist of eight members. They include:

  • Captain Barnacles: Captain Barnacles is the brave polar bear leader of the Octonauts. With a shout of “Octonauts, let’s do this” he can be seen driving their fleet of vehicles or using his strength to help out.

  • Lieutenant Kwazii: Lieutenant Kwazii is a cat with a mysterious pirate past. He’s a daredevil that fears spiders and believes in various sea monsters.

  • Peso the Medic: Peso can be a little fearful in some situations, but is always brave when it comes to helping others.

  • Professor Inkling: Professor Inkling is the octopus that brought the Octonauts together.

  • Shellington the Scientist: While his driving skills could use some improvement, the sea otter Shellington is a scientist that knows a lot about ocean creatures.

  • Tweak the Engineer: Tweak lives in the launch bay and is a great inventor of gadgets.

  • Dashi the Technology Officer: Dashi the Dachshund takes care of the computers for the Octonauts.

  • Turnip the Cook: Turnip the Cook is a half-vegetable, half-animal creature known as a vegimal. He loves to make kelp cakes.

Of course, the Octonauts aren’t the only characters found on the show. The Octonauts are constantly exploring and meeting new characters in every episode. So climb aboard for a charming ride with the help of the Octonaurs!

Planning an Octonauts Birthday Party?

If you’re planning on throwing an Octonaut birthday party, stop exploring for your Octonaut party supplies, and take a look at our selection! Decorate your Octonaut party with our sea-themed decorations, Octonaut party favors, colorful tableware and other birthday party items. Whether you’re throwing a birthday party or some other celebration, you’ll love the fun and excitement of our fantastic Octonauts party supplies!


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