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Nexo Knights Party Supplies, Nexo Knights Birthday

Bring the defenders of Knighton home to your birthday party with the addition of our exciting Nexo Knights party supplies! Keep Jestro and the Book of Monsters at bay when you decorate your party tables with our fantastic Nexo Knights favors, matching plates, napkins, cups and more. You won’t need Merlok 2.0 to cast a spell in order to make your little one and his or her guests have a fabulous time, when you choose our wonderful assortment of Nexo Knight decorations for your big day.

Who’s Your Favorite Nexo Knight?

Everyone knows that the Nexo Knights are all fun to watch in their own way. But, which of the defenders of Knighton is your favorite? Is it Clay Moorington or Axl? Aaron Fox or Macy? Or, maybe your favorite is Lance or even a non-knight character like Merlok 2.0. One thing’s for sure is that there’s plenty of excitement with all of the characters found in Knighton.

Axl: Axl is known for his strength and large appetite. His armor is adorned with a bull crest and he wields his giant battleaxe with power.

Clay Moorington: Clay Moorington is the leader of all of the Knights and is serious in upholding the Knights’ honor and in his attitude. Sometimes his seriousness can be a bit much for his comrades, but nobody was meant to be a knight more than Clay. He wears blue armor with an eagle crest and wields a Claymore.

Macy Hilbert: Macy is the only female knight. She is also the princess of the realm as her parents are King and Queen Halbert. She wears red armor with a dragon crest and fights with a power mace.

Aaron Fox: Of all the knights, Aaron loves excitement more than the others. So, he is often seen flying around on his hover board with his energy bow. His crest is a sly looking fox and he wears green armor.

Lance Richmond: Let’s face it, Lance is a little lazy and spoiled sometimes. That means that he sometimes disagrees with Clay about keeping up with training. His weapon of choice is a lance (like his name) and crest is a horse on white armor.

Robin Underwood: Robin isn’t a knight, but wants to be. However, he’s only in his first year.

Merlok 2.0: Merlok 2.0 is a originally a magician in human form that witnessed the defeat of the monsters a century before. At that time, he used magic to defeat Jestro, but ended up becoming absorbed by the computers in the castle. That left him in his digital form that he finds himself in today.

Other Knighton Characters: Other characters that figure prominently in the Knighton are King Halbert, Ava Prentiss, Queen Halbert, Herb, Chef Éclair and more.

Have a Wonderful Nexo Knights Birthday Party!

Have a wonderful Nexo Knight Birthday party with the help of all our exciting Nexo Knights Party Supplies. Whether your guests want to have fun with our Nexo Knights sticker books or you simply want to dress your party tables up in brick party style, you’ll love everything in our selection. Bring the Nexo Knight kingdom home to your celebration with all of our thrilling Nexo Knights party supplies!


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