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Our mouse party supplies are extremely cute and a great choice for your little guy or girl’s upcoming birthday party. Like our Mickey party supplies and Minnie party items, all of our wonderful mouse birthday supplies are colorful and fun. If you’ve got a mouse fan in your household, you’ll love setting up your celebration with our fantastic mouse party supplies.
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Mouse Party Supplies, Mouse Party Favors

Grab a piece of cheese, put the cat outside and get ready to plan your party with the help of our wonderful mouse party supplies. You’ll love decorating your party with our mouse themed party decorations, and then giving away some fun mouse style party favors at the end of your celebration. Make the most of your mouse designed get-together with the addition of our fantastic mouse party supplies.

Mouse Birthday Party Ideas

Make everyone squeak with joy by hosting a fun and unique mouse party. Your guests will go crazy over the fun activities and yummy treats you have prepared for them!


Cheese and Crackers: One very simple and healthy way to cater to your guests is by offering cheese and crackers. Since this is a mouse party, be sure to offer lots of different kinds of cheese and let them try out new types. You can also provide them with different meats to combine with the cheese. Given that kids are always on the go, this is a great snack for them to take and eat in one bite.

“Cheese” Cake: Mice love cheese, and what better way to drive this home than with a “cheese” cake? Simply bake a cake like you typically would, but cut out some holes in the cake to make it look like Swiss cheese. Ice the cake a light yellow or orange color, and you have a big cake that will please all of the mice that approach it.


One Blind Mouse: Have a little fun with a blind maze that kids can go through. You can do this by setting up some walls that the mouse can feel around and try to get to the finish line first. Keep track of times to determine who the fastest blind mouse was, and reward them accordingly. Just be sure that there is no clutter on the ground and that kids don’t get too eager and run while blindfolded.

Rat Race: Create a relay race where all of your mice can participate. You can either have a standard foot race, or build a small obstacle course that they can run through. Kids will love the freedom to run while also taking part in a friendly competition. Find out who the fastest mouse of your pack is!

Catch the Mouse: Another fantastic way to let off some energy is with a game of catch the mouse. Before this game starts, make a paper mouse that is tied to a string. One person must drag the string behind them as they run while the other kids have nets and try to capture the runaway mouse. Take turns and give everyone the chance to run with the mouse as well as try to catch it.

Prove to everyone that a mouse party can be fun and entertaining! You can’t do that without the right supplies, so don’t be caught off guard. Get your supplies today!


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