Lion Party Supplies

Lion party supplies are an adorable way to decorate your baby shower, birthday party, 1st birthday or other special occasion. Cute lions on charming balloons, colorful tableware, lion themed decorations, lion favors that your guests will love and other party items will all add to your event. Make your big day a little more wonderful with our fantastic lion party supplies!
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Lion Party Supplies, Lion Party Favors, Lion Birthday

Lion party supplies will help create an adorable party setting for your birthday party or other special occasion. Make your special little one the king or queen of the jungle with our charming selection of tableware and other lion themed decorations. And, don’t forget. There are plenty of lion party favors to choose from to thank your guests with and send them home happy as well. Have a great time planning and celebrating your next special event with the help of our fantastic lion party supplies!

Lion Birthday Party and Party Ideas

Show everyone who the king of the jungle is with a thrilling lion party!


Food Fit for a Lion: Lions are carnivores, so provide your guests with a variety of meats to choose from. If you like to grill, you can have hamburgers, hot dogs, and steaks for everyone to enjoy. You can also provide people with chicken and pork for alternatives. If you don’t want just meat, you can have other options like a meat-pizza so that you don’t get too tired of eating just meat.


Pin the Mane on the Lion: Have a roaring good time by giving a lion his mane back. Have an image of a lion with the mane missing from around his neck. You can create a nice, fluffy mane for kids to use for this game to add to the effect. Blindfold the participant and spin them around a few times before letting them loose and seeing who can get the closest to putting the mane back on. You are bound to have a few good laughs with this game!

Make Lion Puppets: Give everyone the chance to take a lion home by creating their very own lion puppet. Just have some paper bags that people can use as the puppet, and provide a number of different decorations. You can have googly-eyes or a furry mane for your creation. Be sure to have markers and glue in case people want to take their lion to the next level!

Catch the Lion: This is a fun twist on duck, duck, goose. Have everyone sit in a circle and one child has a fabric “tail” that is tied to their waistband. The person goes around tapping everyone on the head saying “lion” until they shout “hyena!” The child that is chosen as the hyena must get up and snatch the lion’s tail before they make it safely back. Be sure that everyone has a chance to be the lion so that everyone can enjoy this game.

Roaring Contest: Lions are known for their mighty roars, but who can be the loudest of all? Have a fun competition by letting everyone let out their loudest roar. Kids are sure to enjoy the approval of being able to shout out loud. The winner can be given their very own mane that they can wear around for the rest of the party. See who has the most convincing roar and crown them the king of the jungle!

The king of the jungle deserves the best, and you can do this by getting all of the right party supplies for your party. Don’t be caught unprepared!


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