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What better way to prepare your Legend of the Guardians birthday party than with our fun Legend of the Guardians party supplies! Help set the theme for your gathering with these wonderful Guardians balloons, decorations, matching tableware and other great birthday items. Make your party the thing of legends with the addition of these exciting Legend of the Guardians party supplies!

Legend of the Guardians Birthday Party Ideas

Everyone can venture out to the Tyto Forest with Soren when you choose to have a Legend of the Guardians theme at your child’s next party. Make their day memorable and epic by going all out with everyone’s favorite adventurous owl. There are many fun ways to do snacks and games that will pay homage to Soren.


Owl Sandwich: Cut diagonal lines from the bottom of a sandwich and separate them from the rest – they should appear to be like wings one finished. Then, place two cucumbers at the top with raisins in the middle to look like owl eyes. Finish with a triangular slice of cheddar cheese to resemble an owl beak. You now have an owl sandwich. The kids will wonder how you did it!

Owl Cupcakes: Make the neatest cupcakes ever seen by topping cupcakes with two large marshmallows with two chocolate chips in the middle of each one to look like owl eyes. Use a cashew or orange peanut M&M as the beak. Voila! An owl cupcake. Make a sign or a poster above the snack table and say, “It is a “Hoot” to have you here today!”

Owl-Shaped Cookies: Use a cookie cutter to shape out owls from a batch of sugar cookies in honor of Soren. Place them in bags for each child to take home after the party. Put a little note inside of each bag with a memorable quote from “Legend of the Guardians.”


Owl Trivia: Give all of the children an opportunity to learn more about fascinating owls by hosting an owl trivia game. Have all of them sit down as you read some true and false questions and encourage all of them to answer.

Cut Out Owls: Get all of the kids to draw an owl on paper. Help them to cut it out of the paper. Them, give them googly eyes for a funny twist on the drawing. It is something that they can take home.

DIY Owl Painting: Have paintable owl figurines set out on a table with enough chairs for everyone. Offer a variety of paint colours and paint brushes and then allow the little artists to create their own version of Soren. They can take home another fun prize at the end of the day to remember the fun they had and keep the spirit of Soren close to them.


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