Iron Man 3 Party Supplies

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  • Cellophane Bags - Red (12 Pack)

    Cellophane Bags - Red (12 Pack)

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  • Ruby Red Party Bags (12 Pack)

    Ruby Red Party Bags (12 Pack)

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  • Squirt Gun Favors (8 Pack)

    Squirt Gun Favors (8 Pack)

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  • Iron Man 3 Stickers (4 Sheets)

    Iron Man 3 Stickers (4 Sheets)

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4 Item(s)

Iron Man Party Supplies, Iron Man Birthday Party

Iron Man Party Supplies are an exciting way to bring Iron Man to life at your next celebration. Whether you’re celebrating Iron Man alone, or as party of the Avengers, these thrilling Iron Man plates, napkins, cups, favors, cake supplies and other party items will add super power to your special occasion. Your party guests will love coming along for the ride when you decorate your party with Iron Man party supplies.

Iron Man Trivia and Fun Facts

If you plan on hosting an Iron Man birthday party, one of the fun activities you can involve your guest in is Iron Man trivia. It’s easy to make up a party game involving trivia, even if it’s just breaking people into teams and competing to see who can answer the most questions. Another fun thing you can do is to write trivia questions on the back of your Iron Man plates with the answers. Or, place the answers on your party cups and mix them up amongst your guests to see who can match the correct ones together.

So, without further delay, here’s some fun Iron Man trivia.

Why did Anthony Edward “Tony” Stark build the Iron Man suit?

After suffering an injury to his chest after he is kidnapped, Tony creates the armor to keep himself alive.

What real life personality did Marvel’s Stan Lee loosely base the character of Tony Stark on?

Tony Stark was based on real life billionaire Howard Hughes.

Where was Tony Stark born?

Long Island, New York

At what age does Tony Stark enroll at MIT?


In what year and in what comic book did Iron Man first appear?

Tales of Suspense #39, March, 1963.

These are just a few quick examples of some Iron Man trivia that can be incorporate into your Iron Man birthday party activities. Feel free to come up with other trivia questions on your own. Adding some fun activities along with your themed Iron Man party supplies is a great idea.